Aylesbury Duck Farming

Aylesbury duck farming is popular for many different purposes. Because it is a multi-purpose breed and raised for many different purposes.

The Aylesbury ducks are suitable for meat, show and also for raising as pets. It is a very old breed which was developed around the early 18th Century from the town of Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, England.

The Aylesbury ducks are bred mainly for their beautiful appearance and also for meat. Popularity of raising white ducks increased mainly because of the high demand for white feathers as a filler for quilts.

And finally selective breeding for size, shape and color in the 18th Century led to the Aylesbury duck (and during this period, duck farming became a major industry in Aylesbury).

The Aylesbury ducks are raised and good for many different purposes. But they are mostly well suited for meat production purpose. So commercial Aylesbury duck farming business can be very profitable if you can run everything perfectly.

The Aylesbury ducks have relatively large sized body with horizontal carriage. They have characteristically straight and deep keel that nearly reaches the ground.

Overall they are very beautiful and meaty in appearance. So commercial Aylesbury duck farming for meat production purpose can be profitable.

How to Start Aylesbury Duck Farming

The Aylesbury ducks are very strong and hardy birds. They generally require less care and other management. So Aylesbury duck farming is relatively easy.

Here we are trying to describe everything about starting and operating a successful Aylesbury duck farming business from purchasing birds to caring and marketing.

Purchase Ducks

First of all, you have to purchase very good quality and healthy ducks for starting Aylesbury duck farming business. As a common meat and pet duck breed, the Aylesbury ducks should be available within your area.

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It will be better if you can purchase the ducks from any of your nearest farms. You can also search your local online classified websites.


Like many other domestic duck breeds, the Aylesbury ducks are also not picky about their shelter. They don’t require elaborate housing facilities. Just ensuring enough protection from predators and adverse weather will be good for the Aylesbury ducks.

Ducks generally love to stay inside the house only at night, and they generally love to stay in crowd place. So ensuring 4-5 square feet housing space will be enough for each duck. If you use the house for staying at night only, then it is important not to arrange any lighting system. Because, the ducks generally love darkness (although artificial light helps to prevent piling at night).

You can make the floor of the house with dirt, concrete, wood or bamboo. You can use straw inside the house as bed. Install good ventilation system and ensure flow of sufficient amount of fresh air and light. And clean the house as frequently as possible.


Feeding the birds with good quality and nutritious food is the most important part of Aylesbury duck farming business. And if you want to operate commercial Aylesbury duck farming business, then you must have to ensure balanced diet for your birds.

Good and nutritious foods not only helps the birds to grow better, but also helps them to stay healthy. Cracked corn, milo, birdseed, oats, barley, earthworms, vegetable trimmings etc. are considered good food for ducks. Although you can feed your ducks with commercial poultry feeds.


You will need to keep some male ducks (one male for 7-10 females) in your farm if you want to produce fertile eggs. Aylesbury ducks are not seasonal breeders, and they will breed throughout the year.


The Aylesbury ducks are very strong and hardy birds and they generally require less caring. Although taking additional care will ensure good growth and better health of your ducks. Vaccinate them timely and keep good contact with an experienced vet.


Ducks and duck products have very good demand and value in the market. And you will probably be able to easily sell the products in your local market. Although, you should set your marketing strategies before starting this business.

These are the common ways and steps for starting and operating a successful Aylesbury duck farming business. Hope this guide has helped you! Good luck & may God bless you!

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