Aidi Dog

The Aidi dog is a very beautiful breed of dog. It is used as a livestock guardian, protecting herds of sheep and goats. The breed also possesses hunting capabilities and good scenting ability. It is also known by some other names such as the Atlas Mountain Dog, Atlas Shepherd Dog, Berber Dog, Chien de l’Atlas and Chien de montagne de l’Atlas.

The Aidi dog breed was originated from North Africa. It is recognized as coming from Atlas Mountains of Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria. And in it’s native area, it is often paired in hunting with Sloughi, which chases down prey that the Aidi has located by scent.

The Aidi has never worked as a sheepdog even though the 1963 standard was published under the name Atlas Sheepdog (this was corrected in 1969). The Aidi is a courageous dog, lived and worked in the Atlas Mountains of North Africa, protecting it’s owner and property from wildcats, strangers and other predators.

The Aidi breed is also been called the Berber, after the Berber tribes who utilized it, and bears some resemblance to the Pariah dog who is believed to share it’s ancestry.

The most alert and aggressive dogs were staked around the perimeter of the camp at night, as a protector of the desert nomand tribes. The Aidi has not been highly regarded by the tribes historically, as are most dogs other than the Sloughi and other dog breeds regarded as noble.

However, Moroccans have recently formed a club to protect the purity of the breed which has contributed so much in so many roles, as protector, hunter, police dog, and pet.

Although the Aidi has been used primarily as a working dog, it has become more common as a house dog. This breed also makes a good urban pet if it is given tasks and exercise enough to keep itself satisfied and happy.[1]

Aidi Dog Characteristics

The Aidi is a very beautiful dog. It has a muscular body which is protected by a coarse, thick, weather resistant coat with a heavy plumed tail. Their coat is heavy and soft. Their head is bear-like and in proportion to the rest of the body.

The Aidi dog breed has a tapered muzzle with a black or brown nose that usually matches the coat. Their jaws are strong with tight black or brown tips. Their eyes are medium, with a dark color and dark rims. The ears are of medium size, and are tipped forward and drop slightly.

Common coat colors of the Aidi puppy are black, black and white, white, pale red and tawny. As a medium sized breed, the mature dogs stand between 20 and 24 inches in height. And average live body weight of the mature dogs is around 25 kg.

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The Aidi dogs are energetic and highly protective. They are considered to be an outstanding watchdog. They are very powerful and are also agile, alert and ready for action.

The Aidi puppies needs to be given appropriate training from a very young age, as they are a sensitive breed. They need to be exposed to as many social conditions as possible so that they make an ideal family pet.


Average lifespan of the Aidi dog is about 12 years.


How much a mature dog eats depends on it’s size, age, build, metabolism and activity level. Dogs are individuals, just like people, and they don’t all need the same amount of food. About 2 cups of high quality dry food a day is recommended for a mature dog, divided into two meals.


Taking good care of your dog is very important. The Aidi breed has a coarse, weather-resistant coat of medium length. This dog’s coat is surprisingly thick for it being a breed of African descent. So, they require regular grooming.

The Aidi puppies do well in urban settings as long as they are given adequate daily exercise. They are very active and require a long daily walk. They will also appreciate some active playing and free time in a large, fenced yard.

Making sure the Aidi puppies get enough mental and physical stimulation, which is the key to preventing the development of problem behaviors. And as with all dogs, you should begin your puppy with training and socialization as early as possible.


The Aidi dog breed is very healthy and hardy, and not prone to developing serious health problems. As is true with all dogs, however, this breed may be prone to developing certain conditions like hip dysplasia, eye problems, and elbow dysplasia.

Breed NameAidi
Other NamesAtlas Mountain Dog, Atlas Shepherd Dog, Berber Dog, Chien de l’Atlas and Chien de montagne de l’Atlas
Breed SizeMedium
Height20 to 24 inches tall at the withers
WeightAround 25 kg
Good as petsYes
Climate ToleranceAll climates
ColorMany. Black, black and white, white, pale red and tawny colors are common
LifespanAround 12 years
Good for childrenYes
Country of OriginNorth West Africa

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