Common Carp Fish

Common carp fish is a fish of temperate area of Asia. This fish can be found in a large number in south China. Common carp fish is also available in Europe. But nowadays it is cultivated worldwide. They are freshwater fish species. They lives generally in large rivers and lakes. Common carp fish is very suitable for farming with other species of carp fish in pond. There are many breeds of common carp. Among them mirror carp and carpio are most popular breeds. Physical characteristics, classification, food habit and breeding of common carp fish are described below.

Classification of Common Carp Fish
Scientific name and classification of common carp fish are listed beneath.

  • Kingdom          :       Animalia
  • Phylum            :       Chordata
  • Class               :       Actinopterygii
  • Order               :       Cypriniformes
  • Family             :       Cyprinidae
  • Genus              :       Cyprinus
  • Species            :       C. carpio
  • Scientific Name         :       Cyprinus carpio

Physical Characteristics:
Physical characteristics of common carp fishes are described below.
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  • The body of common carp is flat.
  • Head is comparatively smaller than their body.
  • The body of carpio fish is covered with slight reddish scales.
  • There are only a few row of scales in the body of mirror carp fish.
  • The backside is slightly brown colored.
  • Belly is golden colored.
  • The scales of mirror carp is comparatively large sized.
  • The flesh of common carp is red colored.
  • A common carp lengths about 100-120 cm.
  • Adult fish weights highest 40 kg.
  • They survive for long time.

Common carp fishes are omnivorous. They live in the lower water level. They make hole in the soil and search feed there like small insects and plants. They love to eat water plants, various types of insects, benthic worms, crawfish, crustaceans, zooplankton etc.

Common carp fish lays eggs in the pond. They lays eggs two times a year. Once at summer or rainy season and another time in winter season. An adult female fish lays about 0.3 million eggs each time.


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