Cattle Diseases

The main obstacles of cattle rearing is the cattle diseases. Discontinuation of regular condition of the body of animal is simply known as diseases. Healthy animal has some external symptoms. If any exception of this external symptoms of a healthy animal can be seen in the animal then we can understand, that animal is affected by diseases. The cattle get affected by disease or become ill for various reasons. They also may affected by various types of cattle diseases.

The main condition to keep the domestic animal healthy and productive is hygienic rearing methods. If the cattle house become dampy and dirty then the cattle get affected by diseases easily. The cattle get affected by various types of viral, bacterial, parasitic and protozoan diseases. A list of different types of cattle diseases are described below.

Viral Cattle Diseases
Food and mouth disease
Rinderpest disease
Rabies disease
Goat pox disease
PPR (Pests des petits ruminants)
Bacterial Cattle Diseases:
Calf scour
Calf pneumonia
Black quarter disease
Anthrax disease
Haemorhagic septiceamia disease
Mastitis disease
Navel ill disease
Salmonellosis disease
Parasitic Cattle Diseases:
Round worm
Tape worm
Fluke worm
Protozoan Cattle Diseases:
Babesiasis disease
Coccidiosis disease
Trichomoniasis disease
Vitamin Deficiency Cattle Diseases:
Vitamin “A” deficiency diseases
Vitamin “D” deficiency diseases
Vitamin “E” deficiency diseases
Vitamin “K” deficiency diseases
Vitamin “B12” deficiency diseases
Mineral deficiency diseases
Digestive Cattle Diseases:
Bloat disease
Diarrhea in cattle
Metabolic Cattle Diseases:
Milk fever
Ketosis disease
Milk And Meat Borne Cattle Diseases:


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