Rearing Bull

Rearing bull is a very profitable business. Farmer generally raise bull for meat production. To be successful in bull rearing every farmer must have to most careful about housing, food and health of bull.

But be more careful about food management of bull. Because bull generally convert food to meat highly.

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Bulls needs good house for living. Keep the house always dry, neat and clean. Make a drain inside the house so that it becomes very easy to clean the house. Keep adequate space per bull. Keep some free space to take rest.

rearing bull

Make sure that the house is situated in a high place and well ventilated. Ensure huge entrance of fresh air and light. Make the bull free from other animals.


Be more careful about the feed management of bull. Always provide the required nutrient ingredients to the feed of bull.

Feed them straw and molasses processing by urea 3-4 kg or urea molasses block 300g or 3-4 kg straw daily.

Green grasses 10-12 kg per day. A list of supplementary grainy feed for bull is shown below.

Rice Bran1 kg
Wheat Chaff1.25 kg
Sesame Cake400 g
Bone Powder50 g
Salt50 g
Treacle250 g
Total3 kg

Provide the bull sufficient clean and fresh water according to their demand.


Always try to keep the bull healthy. If any bull get infected by any disease or any problem then separate it and provide proper treatment.

Vaccinate them timely, which will keep them free from any diseases. Try to raise them hygienically.

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