Bhetki Fish

Bhetki fish is a very tasty saltwater fish. This fish can be found mostly in the estuary and coastal areas. It has a great food value and is enriched with high nutrition ingredients. The fish become very large sized. It usually live in the upper level of water. Bhetki fishes are also known as vetki fish, koral fish, barramundi etc. Physical characteristics, classification, food and breeding of Bhetki/Barra fish are described below.

Classification of Bhetki Fish
Scientific classification of Bhetki are described below.

  • Kingdom             :       Animalia
  • Phylum               :       Chordata
  • Class                  :       Actinopterygii
  • Order                  :       Perciformes
  • Family                :       Latidae
  • Genus                 :       Lates
  • Species              :       L. calcarifer
  • Scientific Name            :       Lates calcarifer

Physical Characteristics
Physical characteristics of the Bhetki fishes are listed below.
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  • Body is gray colored and comparatively blackish to backside.
  • Head is flat and comparatively soprano than their body.
  • Mouth is big sized.
  • The lower lip is longer and sharper than upper lip.
  • Bhetki fish has dorsal fin, pectoral fin, pelvic fin and anal fin.
  • Anal fin of the Bhetki fishes is crescent-shaped.
  • They has large sized scales in their body.
  • There are many small sized teeth in their jaw.
  • Their tail is very strong and operative.
  • Their tail works as bar while moving in the water.
  • Both side of their body is flat, wide in middle place and front side is soprano.
  • Mouth of Bhetki fish is very big when they open it.
  • The lower jaw is comparatively bigger than upper jaw.
  • Dorsal fin is divided into two parts.
  • They are very fast growing fish species.
  • A Bhetki fish weights about 1 kg within a year.

Bhetki fish is cannibalistic in nature. They generally eats different types of small fish, shrimp, snail and various types of small insects. They eat feed from the upper level of water.

Bhetki fish lays eggs in rainy season. They lays eggs in the estuary and coastal area.


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