White Holland Turkey Farming

White Holland turkey farming is very popular and common. Because it is one of the oldest variety of domestic turkey. It is well known for for it’s meat production and white plumage. And it was the most important white-feathered variety throughout most of American history.

The White Holland turkey breed was originated from United States. It was once very popular, and during the first half of the 1900s, this breed was the only commercial white variety. But today, it is one of the rarest and most difficult to authenticate varieties despite it’s illustrious past.

Connection of the White Holland turkey to the Netherlands is unsubstantiated, originated from crosses of white European turkeys imported to North America and crossed with the native birds.

And the White Holland turkey variety was first recognized by the American Poultry Association in 1874. Today the variety is considered as a heritage turkey breed.

The breed was crossed with the Broad Breasted Bronze variety in the 1950s for creating the Broad Breasted White turkey variety (today which is the most common turkey breed throughout the world).

The White Holland turkey variety is also the base for creating the rare Beltsville Small White turkey breed. Today the White Holland turkey is pretty rare and listed as ‘threatened’ by The Livestock Conservancy in the United States.

However, as these birds are very good for meat production, so starting commercial White Holland turkey farming will be a very good business.

You will be able to make good profits from commercial White Holland turkey farming business if you can manage everything perfectly. At the same time you will be able to help this variety to recover it’s population.

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How to Start White Holland Turkey Farming

The White Holland turkey is well known for it’s hardiness. So, raising these birds is relatively easy. Here we are trying to describe more information about starting and operating a successful White Holland turkey farming business from purchasing birds to caring and marketing.

Purchase Birds

First of all, you have to purchase very good quality, healthy, active and disease free birds for starting your White Holland turkey farming business. Purchasing good quality birds is very important. Because good quality birds ensure good production and maximum profits.

You can purchase either mature birds or day old chicks/poults depending on the price and availability in your area. The mature birds are generally sold at very high price, but the poults are much cheaper. We we recommend starting with poults.

You can purchase the poults from any of your nearest poultry breeding centers, turkey poults suppliers or any existing White Holland turkey farms. Just ensure that the poults are strong, active and hardy. You can also consider searching your local online classified websites.

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Arranging very good housing facilities for your birds is very important. Because a good housing system not only helps the birds to stay healthy, but also helps them to stay free from wild predators and adverse weather conditions.

The turkey birds generally require a comfortable and clean housing system. So, you have to ensure all required facilities for your birds inside the house. You will need to provide the birds with a good roosting area with a roof. And the roosting area must have to have good protection against predators.

Allowing them to access to fresh pasture will be good. They also require a place to dust bathe and roosting place for flying up into at night. Generally a mature bird will require around or up to 10-15 square feet of housing space.


Feeding the birds with very good quality, nutritious and healthy feeds is the most important part of White Holland turkey farming business. Because good food not only helps the birds to stay healthy, but also helps them to grow better and produce more.

You can feed your turkeys with commercial poultry feeds, or you can choose the commercial turkey feeds (depends on the availability in your area). But remember that, turkey birds generally require more protein than chickens. So ensure adequate amount of protein in their food.

Generally, food of the poults should contain at least 28% protein and the adult bird’s food should contain at least 20% protein. You can use gamebird starter or chick starter feeds for feeding your poults for the first 6 weeks. Then switch to a growser after 6 weeks.

Usually the turkeys reach marketing size within their 6 months of age. And on average, a tom will require approximately 100 pounds of feed, and a hen will require around 60 pounds of feed for reaching marketing size within 6 months.

Never feed your birds with contaminated feeds. And always try to provide them with enough clean and fresh drinking water as per their demand.

The White Holland turkeys are good for raising in confinement and free range system. But raising them in free range system will help you to reduce feeding costs. And at the same time it will help you to produce better quality products.


Like many other domestic turkey breeds, the White Holland turkeys are also naturally very good breeders. They will breed easily and produce enough fertile eggs for hatching if you keep good ratio of toms and hens in your flock. Generally one mature and healthy tom is enough for breeding around or up to 8-10 hens.


The White Holland turkeys are very strong and hardy birds. They generally require less caring and other management. Although taking additional caring will help the birds to grow better and produce more.

Monitor your bird’s health on a regular basis for any signs of diseases or illness, and take necessary steps as soon as possible if you notice anything uncommon. Vaccinate your birds timely and always try to keep good contact with a vet in your area.


Marketing turkey products is not a problem. Because turkey meat has good demand and value at the market in most areas. So you will probably be able to easily sell your products in the local market. Although, you should set your marketing strategies before starting this business.

These are the common ways and steps for starting and operating a successful White Holland turkey farming business. Raising White Holland turkeys is very easy, even the beginners can also raise them. Hope this guide has helped you! Good luck & may God bless you!

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