Strasser Pigeon

The Strasser pigeon is a beautiful breed of fancy pigeon from Austria. It was developed over many years of selective breeding.

Like many other breeds of domesticated pigeon, this breed and all other breeds are descendants from the rock pigeon.

The breed is also used for utility purposes apart from exhibition at pigeon show. Read more information about the breed below.

History And Origins Of Strasser Pigeon

The Strasser pigeon breed has it’s origins in Central Europe (specifically in regions that are now part of Germany and Austria). The breeders developed this breed in the 19th century. And the breed was meticulously refined for it’s unique color patterns and impressive size.

The Strasser pigeon bred was originally bred for it’s utility purposes, particularly for it’s meat. But the striking appearance of this pigeon breed soon made it a very popular breed among the pigeon fanciers. The name of this breed is derived from the German word “Straße,” meaning “street,” reflecting its initial commonness in urban areas.


The Strasser pigeon is a medium to large sized breed with colored head, neck and wings. Their tail also has colored feathers on the back.

Their body is usually of white color, and coloration of the color parts of their body include black lace, blue, blue barred, lark, black or white barred, red, yellow or blue checkered.

They have many similarities with the Modena and King pigeon. But they are shorter height than both Modena and King pigeon. Their appearance is just like a small hen, and they are very cute and innocent.

Eyes of the Strasser pigeon are usually of black color with a red colored ring covering it. Photo and info from Encyclopedia of Pigeon Breeds and Wikipedia.

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Housing Requirements

Housing requirements of the Strasser pigeons are just like other domestic pigeon breeds. Try to make a good and comfortable housing system for your birds to ensure it’s good health, comfort, and well-being. These birds require a spacious housing system that provides adequate ventilation and protection from harsh weather conditions.

Ensure that housing system is clean, dry and free from drafts for preventing respiratory issues. Provide enough nesting boxes for your birds depending on their numbers, with separate compartments for breeding pairs. Providing separate compartments is important for the breeding pairs to ensure their privacy and reduce stress.

Try to clean their house on a regular basis and doing this is very important to prevent the buildup of waste and parasites.

Dietary Requirements

Providing the birds with very good quality and nutritious food is the most important part of raising these pigeons. Good quality and nutritious food is essential for the birds for maintaining their good health, vigor and also their optimal growth.

Strasser pigeons thrive well on a balanced diet which is mainly consist of high quality seeds and grains, such as corn, peas, millet, barley, wheat, rice etc. You can also feed your pigeons with commercially prepared (ready-made) pigeon feed.

Providing the pigeons grit is also very important. Because, providing the birds grit aids in digestion by grinding up the food in their gizzards. You can also provide your birds with vegetables and greens occasionally to supplement their diet with essential vitamins and minerals.

Along with providing the birds with very good quality and nutritious food, always try to provide the birds with enough clean and fresh drinking water to prevent dehydration and support overall health.

The nutritional needs of Strasser pigeons increase, especially during the breeding and molting periods. They require higher protein during this period which can be supplemented with legumes or specially formulated feeds.


The Strasser pigeons are naturally very good and active breeders. Although, if you want to maintain a successful breeding then it requires careful planning and attention to ensure healthy and high-quality offspring. These pigeons are generally very good breeders and they are known for their strong breeding instincts.

For successful breeding, try to select the breeding pair based on some desirable traits such as size, color and overall health to improve the lineage.

Once you have selected the breeding pair, arrange a private nesting area for your pigeons within their house for reducing stress and promoting successful mating.

The females generally lay 2 eggs per clutch, with both parents sharing the responsibility of incubation. And it generally takes about 18 days for hatching. And after hatching, the parents continue to feed and care for the squabs until they are weaned at around 4-6 weeks of age.


The Strasser pigeons are known for their calm behavior and docile temperament. They exhibit a relatively relaxed demeanor, which contributes to their suitability for both exhibition and as pets.


The Strasser pigeons are very strong and hardy birds and they relatively require less caring and other management. Although taking good care of these birds is also important to ensure their good health and better performance.

Taking good care of these pigeons involves fulfilling their physical and emotional needs. Ensure that their housing environment is secure and comfortable enough.

Clean their house on a regular basis, and doing this is very important for preventing buildup of waste and also for reducing the risk of diseases and other health problems.

Provide them a balanced diet consisting of high-quality grains, seeds and occasional fresh greens. And always ensure access to enough clean and fresh drinking water.


This birds are raised mainly as a utility breed. It is used for the purposes of producing squabs as food. But the breed is also very good for exhibition purpose at pigeon shows.

Popularity And Price

The Strasser pigeons enjoy notable popularity among the pigeon fanciers and breeders, mainly for their string appearance, robust size and calm temperament.

It’s very tough to tell the exact price of these pigeons. Because exact price depends on numerous factors and it can vary from place to place. Although, you can expert the price just $50 to several hundred dollars per bird.


Average lifespan of the Strasser pigeons is between 10 and 15 years. But some individuals can reach up to 20 years of lifespan if you can take good care of them.

Pros And Cons

Like many other domestic pigeon breeds, the Strasser pigeons have also some advantages and disadvantages. However, here we are trying to list the most common and notable pros and cons of Strasser pigeons.


  • Calm temperament
  • Striking appearance
  • Strong breeding instincts
  • Great longevity
  • Very hardy and resilient birds


  • Territorial behavior
  • Specific dietary needs
  • High initial costs

Special Notes

The Strasser pigeon is a very beautiful bird with cute and innocent appearance. It is a very popular breed of utility pigeon.

The breed is mainly used for utility purposes, for producing squabs as food. But along with utility purposes, the breed is also very good for exhibition at pigeon shows.

The breed is also very good for raising as pets. Review full breed profile of the Strasser pigeon in the following chart.

Breed NameStrasser
Other NameNone
Breed PurposeMainly utility, also exhibition
Special NotesBeautiful, cute and innocent, good for producing squabs, good for exhibition at pigeon show
Breed ClassMedium to large
Climate ToleranceAll climates
Flying AbilityAverage
As PetsGood
ColorMany, but with white body
Country/Place of OriginAustria

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Popularity of pigeon farming business is increasing gradually in many countries throughout the world. That’s why many people are trying to learn more about this business. Especially, the beginners ask us many questions about starting and operating a successful pigeon farming business. However, here we are trying to list the most common questions about Strasser pigeons and trying to answer them. Hope you will find your answer. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have more questions.

How long do Strasser pigeons live?

Average lifespan of the Strasser pigeons is between 10 and 15 years.

What is the price of a Strasser pigeon pair?

It’s very tough to tell the exact price of these pigeons. Because exact price depends on numerous factors and it can vary from place to place. Although, you can expert the price just $50 to several hundred dollars per bird.

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