Profitable Rabbit Farming Business Guide For Beginners

Commercial rabbit farming is not a new business idea. People are raising rabbits as pets and for food from a long time ago. Starting this business is very easy, even the beginners can raise them.

To fulfill the food demand for growing population, we have to find out different ways of food production. The rabbit known as “Micro-Livestock” can be a great source of food production. There is a great opportunity of rabbit farming, and commercial production can be a great source of income and employment.

Rabbits need small place for living and less food for surviving. Rabbit meat contains high ratio of protein, energy, calcium and vitamin than any other types of animal meat. The amount of cholesterol, fat and sodium is also less than other meat.

Their meat is very testy, nutritious and easily digestible for all aged people. And there are no religious taboo for consuming rabbit meat. Rabbits grow very fast and the female rabbit produce 2 to 8 kids every time. They can consume very low quality food and turn this foods to high quality meat, skin or fiber.

Raising rabbit can be a great income source to the unemployed educated people and landless farmers. So commercial rabbit farming business can be a great source to meetup the food or protein demand and a great source of employment. Here we are describing the advantages of commercial rabbit farming business and steps for starting.

Health Benefits of Rabbit Meat

Rabbit meat is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It is high in vitamin B3 and B12, phosphorus, selenium and potassium. However, here we are trying to describe more information about the health benefits of consuming rabbit meat.

  • Rabbit meat is one of the best white meats available on the market today.
  • It is very tasty and you can enjoy it in many different ways.
  • This meat has a very high percentage of easily digestible protein.
  • Rabbit meat contains the least amount of fat among all the other available meats.
  • Compared to other common meats, rabbit meat contains less calorie value.
  • This meat contain very less amount of cholesterol. So, it is healthy for heart patients.
  • Sodium content is also comparatively less than other meats.
  • Calcium and phosphorus contents are good in rabbit.
  • The ratio of meat to bone is high. This means, there is more edible meat on the carcass than even a chicken.

Advantages of Rabbit Farming

There are many advantages of commercial rabbit farming business. The main benefits of rabbit farming business are listed below.

  • Rabbits are very fast growing animal.
  • Their food converting rate is better than other animals.
  • One female rabbit can give birth about 2 to 8 kids each time.
  • Rabbits can be raised within a short space.
  • Production costs are less, compared to other large sized animals.
  • Rabbit meat is very tasty, nutritious and easily digestible. All aged people can eat without any problem.
  • There are no religious taboos consuming rabbit meat.
  • In case of meat production, rabbits are placed after poultry.
  • Kitchen wastes, grass, plant leaves etc. are favorite foods of rabbit. So you can raise some rabbits for your family needs, using this type of low cost and easily available commodities.
  • Rabbit farming require less labor compared to another animal farming business. You can easily use your family labor for successful commercial rabbit farming business.
  • Commercial rabbit farming business require relatively less capital and you will get back your investment within a very short period.
  • As it is a highly profitable business, so commercial production can be a great source of earning and employment.
  • You can meetup your family nutritional demands through raising a few number of rabbits.
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People usually raise rabbits as pets. But raising them commercially, can be a great source of income and a smart way of employment. The annual demand of meat is increasing rapidly throughout the world.

Right now poultry, beef and pork meat are controlling this huge demand. Commercial rabbit production can play a very important role to meetup this demand. So rabbit farming business has a great opportunity.

How to Start Rabbit Farming Business

Rabbits are small sized animal. So it’s very easy to start a commercial rabbit farming business. Make a proper business plan before starting. Here we are describing the most important steps of starting commercial rabbit farming business.

Choose Rabbit Breeds

There are many rabbit breeds available throughout the world. Among those breeds Dark Gray (internal), Fox, Dutch, New Zealand White, New Zealand Black, New Zealand Red, Belgium White and Chinchilla etc. are highly productive and popular breeds. You can choose proper breed for your production, depending on the availability of breeds in your area.

Rabbit Farming Method

You can start raising rabbits in both deep litter and cage farming methods. Here we are describing more about this two types of raising methods.

Deep Litter Mehtod

This method is suitable, if you want to raise a few number of rabbits. Concrete floor is more suitable for deep litter system. Make 4 to 5 inches depth litter husk, hay, straw or wood shavings. In this method, you can raise a maximum of 30 rabbits in a house.

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Keep the male rabbits in a separate room from the female. In deep litter system, risks of diseases is high. And sometimes, it may seem very difficult to manage the rabbit in this system.

Cage Method

For commercial rabbit farming business, cage method is the best. In this system the rabbits are kept in a cage, which are made with wire or iron plate. Cage system is very useful for raising a maximum number of rabbits. Keep sufficient space and necessary facilities, inside every cage. Keep the male and female rabbits separated from each other. Keep them together in a separate cage during breeding period.


Feed consuming rate and nutrient requirements varies, depending on the rabbit’s age and breed type. For proper nutrition of adult rabbits, their food should contain 17 to 18 percent crude protein, 14 percent fiber, 7 percent minerals and 2700 kilo calorie/kg of metabolic energy.

Green leafy vegetables, seasonal vegetable, spinach, carrots, muller, cucumber, green grass and vegetable wastes are common food of rabbits. For commercial purpose, you can serve them poultry feed.

In accordance with providing nutritious feed, supply them sufficient amount of clean and fresh water according to their demand.


Usually rabbits become mature and suitable for breeding purpose within their 5 to 6 months of age. But don’t use the male rabbits for breeding purpose until they reach their first birthday.

Doing this will ensure, quality young rabbits for commercial production. Always try to use healthy rabbits with proper body weight for breeding. Never bred the females, if they are ill.

Take special care to the breeding male and pregnant female rabbits, and provide them nutritious feed. The gestation period of rabbits is about 28 to 31 days. And each time a doe can give birth of 2 to 8 kids.


Taking good care of the animals is very important for successful rabbit production business. Good caring not only keep the rabbits happy, but also help them to grow better.

Monitor their health regularly, and always try to keep good contact with a vet in your area.


In some areas, marketing rabbit products is not so easy. So it will be better, if you determine your marketing plan before starting. You can try your local markets or nearest town.

Through proper care and management, you can make maximum profit form your rabbit farming business. Always try to take good care of your animals. Feed them quality nutritious food, keep their house clean and purchase healthy breeds for starting. Thus you can make your rabbit farming business highly profitable. God bless you!

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  1. Great info! Along time ago, I raised a few rabbits. I fed them “rabbit food from the store. Everything went fine until I fed them some grass from my yard. Later, I noticed they lost movement in their back legs. When they went to the bathroom — BOY WHAT A MESS ! They all later died.
    Years later someone said, they couldn’t digest the grass ——– it was the grass feeding that caused them to get sick. I want to raise rabbits again BUT, not like that !!. Can you help ????

  2. Catherine Adowa

    Thanks for the rabbit farming tips, might you have a training manual for rabbit farming, will be glad if you can share.

  3. I need guides for papaya, plantain, crop, pumpkin, goats, poultry, pig and rabbit business .
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