Perendale Sheep Full Breed Information

The Perendale sheep is a breed of domestic sheep from New Zealand. It was developed in the 1950’s, by Massey Agricultural College (now Massey University). It was created for using in steep hill situations. The breed is named after Sir Geoffrey Peren. It was developed from the Cheviot and Romney sheep breeds.

The Perendale sheep breed was accepted as an established breed in Australia in 1975. Today the breed is popular and available in Australia, New Zealand and North America. However, read some more information about this sheep breed below.

Perendale Sheep Characteristics

Perendale sheep are medium to large sized animal. Open faces and average sized body are their main features. They are actually valued for their long and superior fleece that is of medium consistency. The average fiber diameter is between 29 and 35 microns.

Average mature body weight of the Perendale rams is between 100 and 118 kg. And the mature ewe’s weight vary from 54 to 68 kg. Photo and info from RaisingSheep and Wikipedia.


Perendale sheep are dual purpose animals. They are used for both meat and wool production.

Special Notes

The Perendale sheep are hardy animals. They are good-natured animals and raising them is very easy. They can easily adapt themselves to a number of climates and areas. They can be raised easily in areas that receive heavy rainfall and they are able to acclimate well to cold temperatures.

The Perendale sheep are known to produce exceptional lambs, when they are crossed with the Merino sheep. The ewes are very fertile, and they have little trouble in lambing and are excellent mothers. However, review full breed profile of the Perendale sheep in the following chart.

Perendale Sheep | Breed Profile

Breed Name Perendale
Other Name None
Breed Purpose Dual-purpose. Meat and wool
Special Notes Very hardy animals, good-natured, easy to raise, can adapt themselves to a number of climates and areas, good for the areas with heavy rainfall, able to thrive well on cold weather, the ewes are known to produce exceptional lambs when crossed with the Merino, very fertile, less trouble in lambing, ewes are excellent mothers
Breed Size Medium to large
Weight Rams weight between 100 and 118 kg, and the mature ewe’s weight vary from 54 to 68 kg
Horns No
Climate Tolerance Native climates
Color White
Rarity Common
Country/Place of Origin New Zealand

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