Best Ostrich Housing Guide For Beginners

For commercial ostrich farming, good ostrich housing is a must. Ostriches are one type of poultry and generally raised in farm for their meat and very precious feathers. They generally survive for several years.

They become about 7-8 feet high and weights about 450 lbs when they are adult. They can run very fast, abut 60 km per hour. They can tolerate almost all types of weather and environmental condition.

But for proper growth and production they need a good house or shelter. It may be a permanent house or a temporary shelter. But it must have to be secure for the ostriches.

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Ostrich Housing Guide

Building a suitable house for the ostrich is not too easy. You need to ensure all required facilities are available inside the house for your birds. Do the following instructions before building a ostrich housing.

  • Build a house according to the number of ostrich and your farming place.
  • Each ostrich require 60-80 squire feet space inside the house.
  • The height of the house would be able to cover the tallest ostrich with some free space above.
  • It would be better if the floor of the house become made of sand or soil.
  • The ostrich housing place will be located in a sandy location.
  • Make sure that the housing area has no drainage problems.
  • Make the house in quite and calm place.
  • It will be far from the residential area.
  • Clean the object near the house which are hazardous for ostrich like bushes, rocks, weeds etc.
  • You can make a fence around the are so that they can’t escape or go outside from the area.
  • Protect the ostrich from wild and harmful animals and from being theft.
  • Prevent the entrance to unwanted animals and people.
  • Clean the house as frequently as possible to keep the bird healthy and disease free.
  • Be sure that the house is safe place and comfortable for the ostriches.

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