Food Of Bee

When the bee go outside for searching of food they generally eat nectar and pollen. This types food of bee get mixed with enzymes inside the stomach which produce honey. It also get mixed with pollen and produce highly protein containing beebread.

You need to be concerned about the food of bee, especially during the adverse conditions. It’s generally good to let the bees to gather their food of their own.

However, for any reason if you want to feed the bees, then you need to know more about food of bee.

You will need to consider many different factors, while feeding your honey bees. Sugar combinations in their food vary depending on the time of the year.

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You can consider feeding honey bees sugar water. This is very low cost and easiest way to feed the bees.

Exact ratio for mixing the sugar with water vary depending on the time of the year (and also consider feeding purpose).

Generally, you can mix one part of sugar and 2 parts of water for stimulating egg laying. Use this mixture for feeding honey bees when there is enough honey available for the brood to feed on.

Mix equal amount of sugar and water to promote honeycomb building.

For saving food for the winter, mix two parts sugar with one part water. You actually need to do this in the autumn.

Use warm water for dissolving sugar into the water. And let it cool before feeding honey bees.

You actually need to know about food of bee and the ways of feeding honey bees, especially if you are a beginner. Hope this guide has helped you!

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