Honey Bee: Top Information & Facts You Need to Know

Honey bee is the most common species of bee. They are highly honey productive bee species. The beekeepers can easily feed, transport and maintain this bee. So, honey bees are very popular to the farmer.

There are two types of honey bee available, mellifera and cerana indica. Both species are easily transported from one field to another field. The farmer can keep the hives near to a crop field. This method will increase both crop pollination and honey production.

Like other bee species colony of honey bees generally contain a queen bee or a fertile female bee. They mate with fertile male bees and produce thousands of baby honeybees. They lay an egg in very cell of a wax. This cell and wax is produced and shaped by the worker bees.

The worker and queen bee take cares of the larvae of a cell. The worker bee serve food known as royal jelly to the larvae. Later this jelly turned to honey and pollen.

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The young worker bee works as a labor in the bee team. They clean the hive and feed the larvae. They used to communicate with each other by dancing. They cooperate with each other for finding feed.

The queen bees only lay eggs and produce baby bee. A virgin queen bee flights away from their home colony. They do so during their mating period. They go far and mate with numerous male bees. After that they come back to their home colony. The male bees die after mating with queen bees.

A bee colony generally established by a mated queen and a large number of worker bees. The worker bees build the cells and wax. And the queen bee lays eggs in every cell.

In winter season if the temperature become lower than 10 c then the honeybees stop flying and stay in the central area of the hive. The queen bee always stay at the middle of the worker bees.

The worker bees try to keep worm the hive and queen. They try to maintain the temperature between 27-34 c. This temperature keeps the queen productive.

The worker bees changes their place from outside to inside so that no bee gets too cold. They consume their stored honey to keep their body worm. The consumption of honey depends on the length of winter season.

The farmer generally collect the stored honey from the wax for consumption. After collecting honey from the wax the worker and queen bee start making new hive and collecting honey again. After collecting honey the bee wax can be used for various purposes.

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