Growing Tatsoi

Growing tatsoi plants in home garden has become popular in the North America. It is an Asian vegetable, but is now grown throughout the world.

Tatsoi is actually an Asian variety of Brassica rapa that is grown for it’s greens. The plants have dark green and spoon-shaped leaves (which form a thick rosette).

Tatsoi (Brassica rapa subsp. narinosa) plant looks similar to spinach, and it belongs to the cabbage family of Brassicas.

All the parts of the tatsoi plants including leaves, stems and veins are edible. The veins and stems are white and sweet. Taste and flavor of the tatsoi is very similar to bok choi.

Tatsoi is also known by many other different names in different parts of the world.

Other names of these plants include spinach mustard, spoon mustard, broadbeaked mustard, rosette pakchoi, Chinese flat cabbage, tat choy and tat soi.

Tatsoi is full of nutrients and all the parts of these plants are edible. It contains high levels of vitamin C, folic acid, potassium, calcium and carotenoids.

Organic tatsoi farming in home garden can be a good way for enjoying this nutritious, tasty and flavorful vegetable.

How to Grow Tatsoi

The tatsoi (and all other Asian greens) may look exotic, but growing tatsoi in the home garden is very easy. The plants grow quickly and face less problems.

Here we are describing everything about growing tatsoi organically in home garden from planting, caring to harvesting.

Select a Good Location

First of all, select a good location in your home garden for growing tatsoi. Tatsoi plants grow well in full sun with good drainage system.

So, select a good location in your garden with full sun and good drainage system.

Prepare the Soil

The tatsoi plants grow well in fertile soil which is rich in organic materials. For preparing the soil, till the soil down to about 6-12 inches for loosening the soil. And then add well-rotted aged manure or homemade compost.

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Purchase Seeds

Purchase tatsoi seeds after preparing the soil. The tatsoi plants are common in most areas, so you will probably be able to source the seeds easily.

Visit any of your nearest market, garden centers or consider ordering the seeds online.

Best Time for Growing Tatsoi

The tatsoi plants grow well during the colder months. The plants can even thrive well in extreme cool weather, and can be harvested out from under a snowfall.


You can scatter the tatsoi seeds either directly into the prepared soil or in rows. You can sow the seeds first in spring and again in late summer for continuous harvest.

Planting the seeds in rows will be good. Space the rows to about 10 inches apart, and plant the seeds in rows to about 2 inches apart. You can thin the seedlings later.

After planting the seeds, barely cover them with soil. If you want to have earlier harvest, start the seeds indoor 6 weeks before the last frost and then transplant the seedlings.

Transplant the seedlings no earlier than 3 weeks before the last frost. Water the bed after planting seeds or transplants.


Tatsoi plants generally require less care for proper growth. But taking additional care will help the plants to grow well.

Here we are describing more information about the additional caring of the tatsoi plants.

Fertilizing: The tatsoi plants are not among the heavy feeders. They will grow just fine if you already have prepared the soil by adding lots of organic materials into it. Applying additional fertilizers is not required.

Watering: The tatsoi plants require moist soil for better growth. So, water the plants about1 inch water per week.

Mulching: Mulching helps to retain moisture into the soil. And it also helps to control most of the weeds from the garden. So laying a 2-3 inch layer of mulch will aid in water retention and regulate soil temperatures.

Controlling Weeds: Control weeds from the garden often. Because weeds consume nutrients from the soil and your plants will suffer. You can hand control the weeds or by using a hoe.

Thinning: The tatsoi plants don’t grow well if they are overcrowded. So, thin the seedlings to about 6 inches part when they are between 2 and 4 inches tall.

Pests and Diseases

Pests and diseases are generally less in tatsoi plants. Although, if you notice any pests then apply homemade organic solutions for controlling.


The tatsoi plants generally grow faster and they become ready for harvesting faster. If you plant the transplant, then you can expect to harvest within 3 weeks.

Although you can start harvesting the leaves as early as when the plants are about 4 inches long. But in case of growing tatsoi from seeds, you can expect to harvest after 40-50 days.

For harvesting the whole head, slice the plants off about an inch above the ground and the plants will re-grow.

These are the steps for growing tatsoi in home garden. Hope you have enjoyed this guide! Happy gardening 🙂

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