Growing Chickens

The chickens aged between two to four months is called growing chickens. During this time the chickens should keep very carefully. Because, the egg and meat production of chickens when they become adult depends on proper care and management in this period. If the chickens can be raised properly during growing period then they will produce more eggs and meat. Some breeds of high egg productive hen described bellow. These chicken is generally known as commercial layer poultry.

  • High-sex Brown
  • High-sex White
  • Star Cross Brown
  • Lehman
  • Isa Brown
  • High Line
  • Star Cross-579
  • Harvard

By applying developed process and modern farming methods this types of chickens can lays up-to 280 eggs per year and per egg weights between 60 to 65 grams.
growing chickens

The Proper growth of chickens is mostly depends on proper food management. The farmer should have to be more conscious feeding the chicken. A well growing chickens feed chart described below.

Broken Wheat
Wheat Chaff
Triticum Aestivus Chaff
Kipper Fish Powder
Mustard or Soya-bin Cake
Cattle Tripe
Mussel Powder

Every growing chicken should provide 200 to 300 grams food daily. The food should not served once. Feed the chicken twice a day. Vitamin mineral premix can also feed to fulfill the food demand.

Some Essential Tips for Growing Chickens

To be success in commercial poultry farming the farmer should follow some rule. Some essential tips for keeping growing chickens are described below.

  • Make the liter clean before keeping the growing chickens.
  • Wash the chicken house well by mixing germicide in the water.

Growing Chickens

  • New liter, bran or wood powder should spread in the floor after drying it.
  • Always keep the food and water pot neat and clean and keep them in a row.
  • Always ensure balanced diet food and clean water.
  • The area of the house should increase according to the number of growing chickens.
  • The chick should not keep with the growing chickens.
  • The hen starts laying egg when they reach five month age but it takes one month more for full production.
  • Be more careful in feeding, housing and water management.
  • Vaccinate your chicken to keep them free from fatal poultry diseases.
  • Provide them the facilities of laying egg when they reach five month of age by keeping egg laying boxes in the house.
  • Give them the proper medicine which they need to remain healthy.


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