Sick Chicken Symptoms

There are many symptoms of sickness in chickens. You can easily notify the sick chicken symptoms if you are raising chickens for long time.

You should always monitor for unusual activities or behavior if you are a backyard chicken keeper.

Most of the symptoms of a sick chicken are easily identified. And also identifying the symptoms can help you further discover what the underlying issue may be.

Sick Chicken Symptoms

Finding a chicken vet can be difficult sometimes, so it’s better if you can identify sick chicken and take necessary steps.

However, here we are describing more about the common sick chicken symptoms.

If you notice any of these symptoms, then your chickens are probably sick and you should take necessary steps as soon as possible.

  • Your chickens are probably sick if they are not eating well. Going off feed is a possible sign of sickness in animals.
  • Your chickens are sick if they are rasping when breathing.
  • If your chickens have bubbly or watery eyes or nose.
  • If you notice swelling around their eyes.
  • If you notice a strange odor to the birds.
  • If you notice swelling wattles or comb in your chickens.
  • If your birds are limping or if they are unable to stand properly.
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  • Your birds are sick if you notice any unusual sores on the wattles or comb of your birds.
  • If you notice visible wounds and sores.
  • If you notice bloody stools.
  • Diarrhea or stools that look or smell different are also common sick chicken symptoms.
  • Parasites visible in stools is also a clear symptom of sick chicken.
  • If the feathers of your chicken are broken or look bedraggled.
  • If you notice bald spots with an unusual loss pattern.
  • Chicken’s crop are generally large, because they love to eat. But if you notice an enlarged crop then it could be a symptom of sickness.
  • If you notice any change in their body shape or appearance. Holding the wings in an odd position is also among the sick chicken symptoms. Hunched appearance when it is not cold is also a symptom of sickness.

These are the common symptoms of sick chickens. If you notice any of these symptoms then take necessary steps as soon as possible or contact a vet. God bless you!

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