Feeding Honey Bees Sugar Water

There are arguments among the beekeepers about feeding honey bees sugar water. Some beekeepers say that, you should never feed your bees.

Because the honey bees are not lazy and they will find their food. While others say, the honey bees should be fed when conditions warrant.

Feeding honey bees sugar water will not prevent them from foraging for nectar.

Sugar water can be necessary and it actually a great way to feed your bees in winter, summer or fall.

Sugar water provides the honey bees with nourishment and much-needed energy boosts.

Guide for Feeding Honey Bees Sugar Water

There are some common steps for feeding honey bees sugar water. Here we are describing more about these steps.

Choosing Feeder

First of all, you have to choose a suitable feeder for feeding your bees. Beekeeping is becoming popular day by day, and currently there are many beekeeping equipment available in the market.

There are actually a variety of feeders available on the market. Some of the available varieties are; top feeders, bottom board feeders and frame feeders.

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You can use top and frame feeders in the slightly cooler weather (because the bees are not required to leave the hive).

And during the warmer weather you can use bottom board feeders. You can also use homemade feeders, if you don’t have a commercially-made feeder.

Feeding the Honey Bees in the Fall

Use a 2:1 ratio of sugar to water for feeding honey bees sugar water in the fall. More concentrated sugar water will help the bees store the syrup faster for winter.

Feeding the Bees in the Spring

You can use 1:1 ratio of sugar to water for feeding your honey bees in the spring. You need to dissolve the sugar completely into the water in both time.

Fill the Feeder

After making the syrup, add the mixture to the feeder. If you use warm water for dissolving sugar fast, don’t forget to let the mixture cool.

Observe the Feeder Frequently

You should check the feeder often and replace as needed. Remove any feeders from the hive when the honey flow begins.

That’s all about feeding honey bees sugar water. If you want to start beekeeping, you may need to feed your bees when conditions warrant. Good luck!

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