Egyptian Swift Pigeon

The Egyptian Swift pigeon is a breed of domestic fancy pigeon. As the name suggests, the breed was originated in Egypt. And the name ‘swift‘ was given mainly for the reason of a resemblance to the bird of that name.

The breed is actually known for it’s long tail and also long wings and the short beak.

This breed and other varieties of the domesticated pigeons all are descendants from the wild or feral rock pigeon. There are two varieties of these birds: the Flying Egyptian Swift, and the Show Egyptian Swift pigeon.

The show version is usually one or two inches larger then the flying Egyptian Swift. The breed was first recognized as a distinct breed of the traditional pigeon in the 18th century.

Today the breed is raised for both show and flying purposes. However, read some more information about this breed below.

Egyptian Swift Pigeon Appearance

The Egyptian Swift pigeon is a medium to large sized bird with pretty different appearance. But it looks slightly larger than it actually is, mainly for it’s long and loose feathering.

The breed has a relatively low station and stands straight on it’s short legs. It’s body is comparatively long, and has a small but round head. The head is smaller in size, as compared to their long body.

These birds have thin and curved neck, and the beak is short. Their tail feathers are excessively long in size, and the wings are also long. Their legs are very short and have small feet.

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Their legs are usually featherless under the hocks. Average live body weight of the mature Egyptian Swift pigeon is around 450 grams.

The Egyptian Swift pigeon comes in different color varieties. Common color varieties are: Absy, Ahmar Gohzar, Anbary Asmar, Bolk, Egyptian Absy, Egyptian Halaby, Halaby, Karakandy, Kojook, Mesawed, Otati and Safi. Photo and info from Wikipedia.


This pigeon is raised for both show and flying purposes.

Special Notes

Egyptian Swift pigeon is a strong and hardy breed of domestic pigeon. It is excellent flyer and also good for show or exhibition purposes.

The uncommon appearance of these birds has also make them popular among some pigeon fanciers. Along with show and flying purposes, the breed is also pretty good for raising as pets.

However, review full breed profile of this breed in the following chart.

Breed NameEgyptian Swift
Other NameNone
Breed PurposeFlying, show, pets
Special NotesBeautiful birds, attractive appearance, excellent for flying purpose, good for raising as pets, strong and hardy, good for show
Breed ClassMedium to large
WeightAround 450 grams
Climate ToleranceNative climates
Flying AbilityVery good
As PetsGood
ColorMany, but common color varieties are Absy, Ahmar Gohzar, Anbary Asmar, Bolk, Egyptian Absy, Egyptian Halaby, Halaby, Karakandy, Kojook, Mesawed, Otati and Safi.
Country/Place of OriginEgypt

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