Common Diseases in Laying Hens & Treatment

Do you know what are the common diseases in laying hens? You need to know about this if you are a beginner and want to start a layer chicken farm.

All ages, sexes and kind of poultry birds affect by a variety of diseases. But among the diseases, certain ailments primarily strike laying hens. These diseases are very harmful for your hens, causes reproductive issues and finally kill your bird.

Taking good care, feeding nutritious feed and proper management can prevent almost all types of illnesses and diseases.

Common Diseases in Laying Hens

You always have to practice good preventive measures for reducing the chances of your laying hens becoming ill. Here we are describing about some common diseases in laying hens.

Egg Drop Syndrome

Sudden drop in egg production is the only syndrome of this disease. Healthy hens usually start laying eggs when the become mature. Egg drop syndrome originally resulted from chickens inoculated with contaminated vaccine.

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And it can pass from asymptomatic hens to their nearby healthy chicks. The chicks spread the virus through their stool. There are no treatment available for this disease. Naturally through molting a hen will usually restart laying quality eggs.

Caged Layer Fatigue

Always feed your laying hen nutritious feed that is specially prepared for laying hens. This is not only helpful for better egg production but also help to keep your hens healthy.

Many diseases affect the flock due to nutritional imbalances in homemade cheap feed. Especially laying hens suffers much due to lack of proper amount of phosphorus and calcium ratio.

If you notice any hen which is alert but unable to move, then she might be suffering from caged layer fatigue. If not treated timely, she might die by dehydration.

Move the affected birds to another cage and supply her fresh water and quality feed. If you use cheap, low quality homemade feed, replace it as soon as possible and serve quality feed.

This will help you avoiding further instances of diseases in your flock. Raising you flock in free range system can be helpful for preventing the disease.


Your laying hens can affect by rickets disease due to lack of vitamin D or proper ratio of calcium and phosphorus in their regular feed. Soft and bowed bones, thin shelled eggs, lameness, fractured limbs, low egg production etc. are symptoms of this disease.

If you feed your flock commercially prepared layer feed, then chances of getting affected by rickets disease is less. Because most of these commercial layer feed contain proper ratio of all necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Egg Peritonitis

If the peritoneum or abdominal lining get infected and inflamed, then Egg peritonitis might occur in your laying hen. Usually this occurs because a yolk did not head out the oviduct of your laying hen as it should and went into the abdominal cavity.

Odd stance or swollen abdomen is the symptoms of Egg Peritontis. You can try antibiotics. It will fight with the infection and drain the abdomen. But in most cases, the laying hens die that is affected by egg peritonitis.

Fatty Liver Syndrome

Fatty liver syndrome occurs through accumulating too much fat in the liver of a hen. Hemorrhaging and death are the symptoms of this disease. Hens have pale combs which is affected by fatty liver syndrome.

Feeds containing too much carbohydrates can results much fat in your laying hens. Decrease the amount of carbohydrates in their feed and slightly change their feeding habit.

The chickens that are raised in cage method system, affect much by this disease. On the other hand, free range chickens suffers less by this disease.

These are the common diseases in laying hens. You can prevent your chickens from all types of diseases by taking proper care of them and providing nutritious feed, good housing, fresh water and good management.

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