Chilean Jack Mackerel Fish

The Chilean jack mackerel fish is a species of jack mackerel in the genus Trachurus of the family Carangidae.

It is also known as the Inca scad, Jack Mackerel, Slender Mackerel and the binomial name is ‘Trachurus murphyi‘.

The fish has become one of the world’s more important commercial fish species, since the 1970s.

High volumes of this fish have been harvested, but the fishery may now be in danger of collapsing.

Today the fish is mainly used for food, but also used for making fishmeal. However, read some more information about this fish species below.

Chilean Jack Mackerel Fish Characteristics

The Chilean jack mackerel fish have elongated and laterally compressed bodies. Their head is large with well-developed transparent protective membranes covering the eyes. They have small teeth.

Mouth of these fish is also large, with the rear edge of the lower jaw aligning with the front edge of the eyes. The first dorsal fin is much shorter than the second, and the pectoral fins are long and pointed.

The origin of the pelvic fins is below the bottom point of attachment of the pectorals. Their anal fin is also pretty long, but shorter than the second dorsal fin.

Average body length of the Chilean jack mackerel fish is about 45 cm, but they can grow up to 70 cm.

The upper parts of their body are metalic blue in color, while the bottom surfaces are of a silvery white color. Photo and info from Wikipedia.

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Main diet of the Chilean jack mackerel fish includes shrimp, fish larvae and other small crustaceans such as copepods. But they also eat squid and small fishes.


The Chilean jack mackerel fish generally spawn in summer. Spawning groups concentrate mainly in the north of 40°S in spring and summer and south of 40°S in autumn and winter to feed. Their eggs are pelagic, the eggs float free in the open sea.


The Chilean jack mackerel fish are mainly used for food. They are canned or marketed fresh for human consumption.

The fish is a staple food in Africa. It is also used for making fishmeal.

Special Notes

The Chilean jack mackerel fish are the most commonly fished species. They are caught commercially with surround nets designed for small pelagic purse seining, or with midwater trawls, or by trolling or longlining.

They are long lived fishes, and generally can live for up to 16 years. However, review full breed profile of this fish in the table below.

NameChilean Jack Mackerel
Binomial NameTrachurus murphyi
Other NamesAlso known as Inca scad, Jack Mackerel and Slender Mackerel
Breed PurposeMainly food, also fishmeal
Special NotesEconomically important fish species, used mainly for food, long lived fish, up to 16 years of average lifespan, most commonly fished species, also used for making fishmeal
Breeding MethodNatural
Climate ToleranceNative climates
Body ColorUpper parts are metalic blue, while the bottom surface are of a silvery white color
AvailabilitySouther Pacific

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