Caring For Cattle

Proper caring for cattle is very important, especially if you want to keep your herd healthy and productive.

Caring for cattle (in the general sense) is similar to caring for cows. Although it does not exclude other classes of cattle like bulls, calves, heifers and steers.

Actually, caring for cattle is relatively easy if you know what you are up against. Different types and classes of cattle require different care.

Bulls require much care than beef cows with calves. The bottle calves take more care and caring for them can be more labor intensive and they require more care than weaned steer or heifer calves.

And the feedlot cattle generally take much more care than cattle being finished on grass.

Caring for Cattle

Whatever the type of cattle you have, the steps of caring for cattle are relatively the same.

Before buying and start raising cattle, ensure that you already have buildings, fences, watering sources, mineral sources and also ensure that everything is in order.

However, here we are describing more about the process of caring for cattle.

Build a Good House

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First of all build a good house for your cattle with all required facilities. The house should be well ventilated, and also enough space per animal.

Quality Feeding

Quality feeding is the most important part of caring for cattle and is the key to have your animals healthy. Always try to feed them plenty of nutritious food and provide them plenty of pasture if possible.

So, you must know what to feed them if you expect them to live long. Generally cattle eat grass and they can be grazed in pastures.

Although sometimes, it’s not possible to allow the animals for grazing on pasture. In such case, you can offer them hay, silage, grain and concentrated feeds.

Ensure Availability of Sufficient Water and Mineral

Water is most important for any livestock. So, always try to offer your cattle with fresh water, as much as they want. Along with water, the animals also require some minerals.

And mineral in the form of loose mineral with salt or a salt block is also important, since cattle have a high requirement of salt with the kind of food they consume.

Keeping the Cattle Healthy

For maintaining your herd healthy, keep up-to-date with deworming and vaccination programs. And always try to keep good care of your animals.

Check the Animals on a Regular Basis

Check your animals on a regular basis for signs of illness or injury, and doing this is also an important part of caring for cattle.

Cattle raised on pasture generally need to be checked less frequently than those raised on dry-lot.

Because cattle on dry-lot are more prone to illness than those on pasture. And cattle on dry-lots are checked as often as they are fed.

Machinery and Fences

Good fences are very important for keeping your animals within your area. Fences are also important to keep your animals inside instead of being escaped.

Machinery also important for maintaining a cattle farm, and a well-maintained machinery make a happy farmer.

Having an emergency kit with all that you will need for your herd in case you have to deal with an emergency will be good. Have your vet’s phone number on hand in case of emergency.

Also remember, caring for cattle is not for everyone, because it requires hard work and commitment for keeping the animals healthy and productive. Good luck!

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