Shukin Goldfish

The Shukin goldfish is a species of fancy goldfish which was developed at the end of the 19th century in Japan. It is a Ranchu-like goldfish and actually developed from the Ranchu and Oranda goldfish.

The variety had been developed by Kichigoro Akiyama during the 1892 to 1900 in Japan.

The variety was once wiped out due to events in the Second World War, but has since been revived.

Today the Shukin goldfish are a rare variety, even in Japan. But the variety is becoming popular in the United States with advanced hobbyists. However, read some more information about this goldfish variety below.

Shukin Goldfish Characteristics

The Shukin goldfish has many similarities with the Oranda and Ranchu goldfish. It has a body shaped like long type of Ranchu. But it also has a long tail fin like the Oranda.

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Common coloration of these fish are blue, white, silver, red and red and white. Photo and info from Wikipedia.


The Shukin goldfish are omnivorous just like many other goldfish varieties. They will eat almost everything offered.


The Shukin goldfish are ornamental fish species. They are raised mainly for ornamental purpose, and also good for raising as pets.

Special Notes

Rearing this goldfish variety is somewhat difficult. It is not among the strong type of goldfish, and is relatively difficult to rear. But these fish will not easily die as long as basic rearing steps are followed.

Currently the variety is pretty rare, even in Japan. But it is available in the United States and quite popular there. However, review full breed profile of these fish in the table below.

NameShukin Goldfish
Other NamesNone
Breed PurposeOrnamental, pet
Special NotesVery beautiful, attractive appearance, not very strong type of goldfish, rearing is somewhat difficult, good for raising as pets, good for ornamental purpose
Breeding MethodArtificial and natural
Climate ToleranceAlmost all climates
Body ColorCommon colors are blue, white, silver, red and red and white

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