Gromark Sheep Characteristics & Breed Information

The Gromark sheep is a dual-purpose breed of domestic sheep from Australia. It was under development in 1965 by Arthur C. Godlee at “Marengo”, Tamworth, New South Wales. And is fixed at approximately 50 percent Border Leicester and 50 percent Corriedale. The breed has been selected by objective measurement for good growth, without excessive fat since 1965. Today the breed is mostly found in the high rainfall areas of south-east Australia, in New South Wales and Victoria.

The Australian Gromark Breed Society was formed in 1979, and is committed to performance recording of the breed. The Rare Breeds Trust of Australia has classified the Gromark sheep breed as ‘recommended for investigation’ into it’s stability as a breeding population. Read some more information about this breed below.

Gromark Sheep Characteristics

The Gromark sheep are large sized animals with white body. Both rams and ewes are usually polled, that means they have no horns. They have a white open face and clean legs. Their long white wool fleece weights 4 to 7 kg. The fleece is about 130 mm long and averages about 30 microns in fiber diameter.
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Average live body weight of the mature ewes is between 75 and 80 kg. And the mature rams on average weight around 100 kg. Photo and info from Wikipedia.


The Gromark sheep are dual-purpose animals. They are raised for both meat and wool production.

Special Notes

The Gromark sheep are hardy animals with a low incidence of fly strike and dystocia. The rams are typically used as terminal sires for first-cross fat lamb production, but the ewes do produce large lean lambs. They are well adapted to their local climates, and good for both meat and wool production. However, review full breed profile of the Gromark sheep in the following chart.

Gromark Sheep | Breed Profile

Breed Name Gromark
Other Name None
Breed Purpose Dual-purpose (meat and wool)
Special Notes Very hardy animals, the rams are usually used as terminal sires for first-cross fat lamb production, well adapted to their local climates, good for both meat and wool production
Breed Size Large
Weight Mature rams weight around 100 kg, and fully grown ewe’s body weight vary from 75 to 80 kg.
Horns No
Climate Tolerance Native climates
Color White
Rarity Common
Country/Place of Origin Australia

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