Exclusive Crocodile Farming Business Guide For Beginners

Commercial crocodile farming business is part of a complex industry. It is very profitable, but requires a large amount of initial investment for 3 to 4 years.

You have to spend a lots of money before the crocodiles are grown enough and suitable for selling their hides or meat in the international markets.

Some areas around the world are suitable for commercial crocodile farming, although success is not guaranteed in this business. Usually larger crocodile farms are more viable and profitable than smaller farms.

Here we are describing more about the necessary steps for starting and running this lucrative business.

Why Do You Want to Start Crocodile Farming Business?

First of all, determine the reasons for starting crocodile farming business. Why do you want to start this business? Do you have enough capital for starting? Do you have any prior experience to handle crocodiles? Do you have enough time? Do you have enough facilities for starting this business in your area? Can you sell your products easily from your area?

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Most of the people want to start this business for financial purpose. Crocodile farming is very expensive (although profits are also very high) and you need to take a close look at your expectations and business model. So consider all the above questions, before starting.

How to Start Crocodile Farming Business?

Crocodiles are very dangerous animal. So making a commercial crocodile farm is not so easy. This business is also very expensive. Here we are describing the steps for starting this business.


Crocodiles are wild animal. So you need to be licensed for raising them commercially. Contact with your nearest wildlife service center, and ask them for the procedures of getting a license for starting this business.

If you make a suitable environment for raising them commercially, then it will be much easier to get the license.


Before starting, it will be better, if you visit some existing commercial crocodile farms. Try to learn everything related to this business from those farmers.

If possible, work on some farms as a volunteer for learning more about the raising system, advantages and problems of this business. Thus you can train yourself for this business.

Select A Suitable Site

Select a suitable site for starting crocodile farming business. It will be better, if you can choose such an area where wild crocodiles are living naturally.

Try to choose such land which is suitable for crocodile breeding and growing. Ensure good transportation system, so that you can get all types of help in case of an emergency.

Constructing Building

Usually an area of about 800 square feet cooler, freezer and storage space is suitable enough for housing the incubation room. No nursery is needed in the incubation room, as the grow-out building holds the new hatchlings.

A grow out building with about 5,000 square feet space is ideal. Different grow out building designs include concrete block, wood, or metal buildings. But all are thoroughly insulated and rest on a heated concrete foundation.

Crocodiles require a consistent temperature of 86° to 88° Fahrenheit. So use hot water pipes, run through the concrete for providing a consistent temperature in the building.

You can use electric heating coils. Construct additional buildings for keeping different aged crocodiles separated from each other.


For proper growth, healthy feeding is a must. So always feed them fresh foods. Always keep a stock of fresh frozen meats on hand. Usually beef, chicken, deer, fish, horse meat etc. are used for commercial crocodile farming business.

For ensuring a proper growth, you have to use proper feeding rates. For the first year, feed them 25 percent food per week according to their body weight. Reduce the amount of feed to 18 percent by their third year of age.

Always provide them adequate food, but don’t overfeed them. Because overfeeding can cause gout in crocodiles.


Crocodiles are good breeders naturally. They will breed easily if you give them the chance to do so.


Always try to keep your crocodiles stress free. Because a stressed crocodile may develop brown spot disease. This disease creates discolored spots on the hides of the crocodile, and it reduce their value.

Avoid overcrowding in the pens. Crocodiles don’t congregate except the breeding season. Keep a limited number of crocodiles in a single pen. And try to minimize outside noise by insulating the building.

Clean the pens on a regular basis. Don’t agitate the crocodiles just before, during or after feeding. You can perform pen cleaning process in the morning.


You can sell the crocodiles when they reach their mature age. You can also sell young crocodiles if any organization, zoo or any other person or organization want to buy them.


This is the most important part of successful crocodile farming business. If you can sell your products in right price, then you will be able to make good profits. Determine your marketing strategies before starting this business.

These are the common ways and steps for starting and operating a crocodile farming business. Hope this guide has helped you! Good luck & may God bless you!

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