Cinnamon Rabbit Breed Information

The Cinnamon rabbit is a beautiful domesticated rabbit breed. It was created in 1962. And the name ‘Cinnamon rabbit‘ derived from it’s russet colored fur. Actually the breed was created accidentally by two children named Belle and Fred Houseman in Missoula, Montana during the Easter season of 1962. They crossbred their New Zealand buck and Chinchilla doe. After that their father, Ellis Houseman let them to keep one crossbred buck. Then the children joined their local 4-H group and they were given a Checkered Giant doe and a crossed Californian doe. After that the children used their crossed buck for mating these two does.

The Checkered Giant doe produced two russet colored bunnies, and the Californian doe eventually produced one bunny with same russet colored fur. Ellis Houseman believed that only purebred rabbits should be kept for show. But he unwillingly allowed his children to keep the pair of newly born russet colored bunnies from the Checkered Giant’s last litter. Belle and Fred Houseman mated this pair together, and 70 percent of the litter had this new auburn shade of fur. And they begun calling the bunnies Cinnamon. Thus the Cinnamon rabbit breed was created. The Cinnamon rabbit was accepted by the American Rabbit Breeders Association in 1972. Review characteristics, special notes and full breed profile of Cinnamon rabbit below.

Cinnamon Rabbit Characteristics

The main feature of the Cinnamon Rabbit is it’s luscious coat with color being the most important trait. It is very striking with rust or ground cinnamon coloring and a uniform gray ticking across the back. It has a dark underbelly with an orange under coloring all over. The breed has a smoky grey coloring on it’s sides.

Cinnamon rabbit has distinct rust colored spots inside it’s hind legs. And these spots often appear on it’s face and feet. The face, feet and hind legs of Cinnamon rabbit tend to be usually darker than the rest of the body. There are small circles present around each eye and a butterfly effect marks on the nose. Cinnamon rabbit is a commercial breed and has medium length body. It has erect ears and it’s head is proportionate to it’s body. It’s hips are deeper and wider than it’s shoulders. Usually Cinnamon rabbit weight between 3.9-5.0 kg. Photo from USA Rabbit Breeders.cinnamon rabbit, cinnamon rabbits, cinnamon rabbit temperament, cinnamon rabbit breed, cinnamon rabbit characteristics, cinnamon rabbit behavior, cinnamon rabbit color, cinnamon rabbit weight, cinnamon rabbit size, cinnamon rabbit lifespan, about cinnamon rabbit, cinnamon rabbit history, cinnamon rabbit breed profile, cinnamon rabbit photo, cinnamon rabbit facts, cinnamon rabbit info, cinnamon rabbit origin, cinnamon rabbit uses


Rabbits are mainly kept for four purposes. Meat, fur, show or as pets. The Cinnamon rabbit is considered as the ‘All-Purpose-Rabbit’ breed, because it fulfills all four of these purposes. But the Cinnamon is a commercial rabbit breed and mainly bred for meat production. It is also a great choice as pets.

Special Notes

The Cinnamon rabbit is a hardy and long lived breed. The average lifespan is between 5 and 8 years, and can live up to 10 years in captivity. It is calm, laidback and well disposed. As it’s coat is short and easy to care, so it is very good as pets. Like most other rabbit breeds, the Cinnamon rabbit also require a well balanced diet and they need plenty of room for exercising. They love and enjoy human companion.

The Cinnamon rabbits are born without fur and their eyes are closed. And their eyes will usually open after 7 to 14 days after birth. They feel comfortable if living in groups. So pet Cinnamon rabbits should be kept in pairs for companionship. It’s very important, and they can live longer with a companion. Cinnamon does can produce about 2-4 litters of bunnies per year with 4-6 babies. Cinnamon rabbits have 28 teeth and an incredible fact is ‘their teeth never stop growing throughout their life’. However, review full breed profile of Cinnamon rabbit below.

Cinnamon Rabbit | Breed Profile
Breed Name Cinnamon
Other Name None
Breed Purpose Mainly Raised for Meat Production, But also Suitable for raising as pets.
Breed Size Medium
Weight Between 3.9 and 5.0 kg
Suitable for Commercial Production Yes
Good as Pets Yes
Climate Tolerance All Climates
Coat Color Rust in color with smoke gray ticking across the back, orange undercolor
Rarity Common
Country of Origin United States

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