Campeiro Bulldog

The Campeiro Bulldog is a breed of dog developed in southern Brazil. It is believed to be a descendant of the Old English Bulldog introduced to Brazil by Europeans and is closely related to the Serrano Bulldog. It is also known by some other names such as Buldogue campeiro, Brazilian Bulldog, Countryside Bulldog and Pampas Bulldog.

Campeiro, a Portuguese word meaning “fielder” or “related to fields”, is widely used in the South Region of Brazil as a term for those who work in rural fields, especially those who take care of cattle and ride horses well. It is reflective of the field and its elements – rural, rustic, peasant, and so on.

The Campeiro Bulldog breed gained prominence in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, where it was used to herd cattle in slaughterhouses. It faced extinction during the 1970s due to new sanitary regulations in slaughter houses and also due to the introduction of new breeds.

There has been a significant increase in number of members of this breed, courtesy of the breeding programs launced by Ralf Bender.

Although, there are multiple theories about the origin of the Campeiro Bulldog breed. The most widespread theory postulates the possibility that the breed originated from Old English Bulldogs which is now extinct, that may have been brought to Brazil by European immigrants during the nineteenth and twentieth century.

Subsequently, these dogs were bred with the local dogs. A less popular theory suggests that the Campeiro Bulldog might actually be a remnant of the “Bulldog-type” variety of the Fila da Terceira.[1]

Campeiro Bulldog Characteristics

The Campeiro Bulldog is a medium-sized breed with very beautiful appearance and powerful physical complexion. It is very strong and slightly heavy dog for it’s size.

The Campeiro Bulldog is a dog of broad constitution and an almost square shaped muscular body. The breed typically carries a broad head, and it has heavy bones.

These dogs have short muzzle, small and pendants ears inserted high on the head as far apart of each other as possible. They have short and crooked tail. They have smooth short hair, and their coat could be in a variety of colors.

Traditional coat colors of the Campeiro Bulldog are brown, fawn and brindle with white markings. Although, there are dogs that are entirely white, but they must have pigmented mucous membranes and eyelids, to avoid problems while working.

Average body height of the mature dog is between 19 and 23 inches at the withers. And their average live body weight is between 35 and 45 kg.

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The Campeiro Bulldog stands out for it’s loyalty towards it’s owner, ease of adaptation, and mainly for being affectionate towards children. Their rusticity and courage make them excellent guard dogs.

These dogs can be a bit jealous. They are suspicious of strangers and quiet, and they are known for not barking unnecessarily.


Average lifespan of the Campeiro Bulldog is between 10 and 12 years.


How much a mature dog eats depends on it’s size, age, build, metabolism and activity level. Dogs are individuals, just like people, and they don’t all need the same amount of food.

The Campeiro Bulldogs are medium in size and are moderately active. So, their diet should be formulated for a medium-sized breed with moderate exercise needs. You can also consult with a vet in your area for better recommendations.


Taking good care of the animals is very important for raising Campeiro Bulldog dogs. These dogs need some daily exercise, if not directly involved in dealing with cattle or another type of work.


The Campeiro Bulldogs are generally healthy. But like all other dog breeds, they are also prone to certain health conditions.

Their common health problems include hip dysplasia, and parasite problems. Always try to keep good contact with a vet in your area.

Breed NameCampeiro Bulldog
Other NamesAlso known by some other names such as Buldogue campeiro, Brazilian Bulldog, Countryside Bulldog and Pampas Bulldog
Breed SizeMedium
HeightBetween 19 and 23 inches at the withers
WeightBetween 35 and 45 kg
Good as petsYes
Climate ToleranceAll climates
ColorBrown, fawn, and brindle with white markings
LifespanBetween 10 and 12 years
Good for childrenYes
Country of OriginBrazil

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