Bubble Eye Goldfish Characteristics, Diet, Breeding

The Bubble Eye goldfish is a distinguished variety of small goldfish. It is a fancy goldfish variety and raised mainly for ornamental purposes.

As the name suggests, this variety has a versatile feature of two big fluid-filled sacs under the eyes. These fish are dorsal-less, and have a clean back.

The eye bubbles generally match in color with their body coloration. And the bubbles are quite delicate, so the fish should be kept separately from boisterous types, as well as sharp tank decor.

If punctured, the bubbles will regrow. But injury could leave the fish prone to infections. The Bubble Eye goldfish can’t swim well due to the bubbles.

Bubble Eye goldfish is one of the most unique-looking of the goldfish varieties.

It is a popular aquarium fish and is widely available throughout the world. Read some more information about this goldfish variety below.

Bubble Eye Goldfish Characteristics

The Bubble Eye goldfish are very beautiful and have a distinctive appearance. They generally have an evenly curved back that lacks a dorsal fin.

The bubbles are actually a pair of large pounches of skin attached under the eyes jiggle. They are similar in appearance to the celestial eye goldfish.

Their scales are metalic. Their eyes are generally normal in the fry, but will start to develop eye bladders 3 months after hatching. They have double tail.

The Bubble Eye goldfish generally grow up to 3-4 inches in body length. Photo and info from Wikipedia.

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Like other goldfish varieties, these fish are omnivorous in nature. But they can be provided with any type of food.

Different types of foods can be provided, instead of providing the same food daily.

Food that can be included in their diet are nutritious pellets, flakes, frozen food like brine shrimp, krill, bloodworm and other food containing vegetables and fruits contents.


Generally the Bubble Eye goldfish don’t spawn easily. And the hobbyists struggle to help the fish to spawn.

On an average a female fish are able to lay around 1000 eggs in each spawning. But only a few percent fertilizes and survive to grow.


The Bubble Eye goldfish are ornamental fish. They are raised mainly as pets.

Special Notes

The Bubble Eye goldfish generally require very special care. They are exceptionally poor swimmers, mainly because of their bubbles.

They should only be kept with equally handicapped goldfish such as Celestial Eyed Goldfish to ensure that they are not out-competed for food.

Currently this goldfish variety is widely available throughout the world. However, review full breed profile of this fish in the table below.

NameBubble Eye Goldfish
Other NamesNone
Breed PurposeOrnamental, pet
Special NotesVery beautiful, distinctive look, caring is very difficult, require very special care, exceptionally poor swimmers, raised for ornamental purpose, widely available
Size3-4 inches
Breeding MethodArtificial
Climate ToleranceAlmost all climates
Body ColorMany

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