White Spot Disease In Fish

White spot disease in fish is a parasitic disease. This disease seen in almost all species of fish. The expansion of this disease get reduced with the increment of temperature. A parasites named ichthyophthirius causes white spot disease in fish. Symptoms and treatment of this fish diseases are described below.
  • Small sized globular spots can be seen in the body and fins of fish.
  • Excessive mucus spill from the body of fish.
  • Fish breath frequently.
  • Rub their body with strong substance.
  • Infected fish die suddenly.
  • Float over the water for long time.
  • The don’t want to consume food.
  • They moves here and there idly.
  • The fins of the infected fish get curved.
  • Keep the affected fish in a solution of 200 PPM general salt.
  • Apply 1 PPM methylene blue in the pond of infected fish.
  • Stop applying fertilizer in the pond for few days.
  • Apply lime to the pond occasionally.
  • Keep the infected fish in 0.1 PPM malachite green solution for 24 hours.

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