Vitamin E Deficiency Diseases in Cattle

Vitamin E also known as efinol. Fresh green grasses, leaves, germinated crop and germinated pulse etc. are enriched with vitamin E highly. By feeding this types of food the animal can be kept free from vitamin E deficiency diseases.


  • Due to lack of this vitamin fatigue can be seen in the muscle of calf.
  • Animal suffers by contraction of bone muscle.
  • The movement of the vitamin E deficiency disease infected cattle become abnormal.
  • Reproduction capability get reduced.
  • Even the animal sometime suffers by infertility.

The animal must have to feed green grasses, leaves, germinated crops etc. regularly. Feed the animal artificial vitamin E by mixing with their feed. The calf will get vitamin form their mothers milk. This method will keep the animal free from vitamin E deficiency diseases in cattle.

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