Vitamin Deficiency Diseases In Poultry

For production of meat and eggs and for proper growing, chicken needs well nutritious food. If any vitamins or nutrition ingredients become less in food, then the bird will be affected by numerous vitamin deficiency diseases or health problems. Regular production of eggs and meat get reduced. Symptoms of some  vitamin deficiency diseases of chicken and remedy and defense methods are described below.

Vitamin A

  • Liquid materials may come out through the nose and eyes of chicken.
  • The eyes get swelling.
  • Sometimes the bird become blind or suffers by nyctalopia.
  • Growing rate of baby chickens obstructed unusually.
  • Baby chicken become very sick and dim.
  • Interest in taking feed get reduced.
  • Glamour of feather may reduce.
  • Egg production get reduced.
  • Feed the chicken cod liver oil.
  • Green vegetables, carrot, yellow maize etc. are great source of vitamin A.
  • Vitamin mineral premix is available in market. Feed this to the chicken according to the advice of veterinarian.
Vitamin B1
  • Legs of the chicken get paralyzed.
  • Legs of baby chicken get curved.
  • Head get curved to the backrest.
  • Chicken suffers by indigestion.
  • Weights of adult chicken get reduced slowly.
  • The wings become insensitive.
  • Chicken die for lack of proper treatment.
  • Wheat barn, rice dust and green vegetables can meet up the demand of vitamin B1.
  • Feed the chicken vitamin premix embavit L or embavit B.
Vitamin B2
  • Due to lack of this vitamin the adult chicken may handicapped or paralyzed.
  • Nail and claw of legs get curved inside.
  • Chicken suffers by diarrhea occasionally.
  • Weight of the chicken get reduced.
  • They become very sick.
  • Appetite get reduced.
  • Egg production of layer chicken get reduced.
  • Duck get affected by diarrhea and loose weights.
  • Chicken stay with knee and try to walk with wings.
  • Feed the chicken green vegetables, broken gram and cake mixed feed.
  • Milk or milk products and kipper fish powder contains a high ratio of vitamin B2.
  • Feed the chicken riboflavin (1.5-3.5 grams per kg) mixed feed.
Vitamin D
  • Baby chickens get affected by rickets disease.
  • Egg production and fertility of eggs get reduced.
  • Eggshell become very thin.
  • Feather get disarranged.
  • The chicken become very sick.
  • Cod liver oil is a very good solution for this poultry diseases.
  • It will be better if you can feed the chicken fish oil.
  • Try to feed the chicken balanced feed always.
  • Vitamin premix is very effective.
  • Sunlight is a great source of vitamin D.
Vitamin E
  • Affected baby chicken can’t walk.
  • Wound places can be seen in different places of head.
  • Head and neck can be curved to front or back side.
  • Baby chicken get affected by convulsions and die within a few days.
  • Reproductive capacity of adult chicken get reduced.
  • The embryo may die.
  • Rice dust, corn, wheat, alfalfa, sweet potato, kipper fish powder, green vegetables etc. are great source of vitamin E. Try to feed the chicken this feed.
Vitamin K
  • Vitamin K helps to fixation of blood. So, if the chicken wound somehow, the blood can’t coagulated due to lack of vitamin K. As a result the chicken die.
  • Feed the chicken such feed which is enrich with vitamin K.
  • Vitamin K tablet or injection are good methods to stop this.
  • Green grass or vegetables, kipper fish powder are great source of vitamin K.
Vitamin B4
  • Due to lack of this vitamin the growing chicken get affected by porosis disease.
  • Egg production and fertility of egg get reduced of laying hen.
  • Feed the chicken kipper fish powder, soybean meal etc. This will help to prevent disease.
Vitamin B5
  • The growth of growing chickens get reduced.
  • Walks slowly and get affected by porosis.
  • The chicken run here and there vainly.
  • They get affected by convulsions.
  • Egg production get reduced.
  • They can’t eat and loose weight.
  • Corn, wheat and waste material of rice contains vitamin B5.
  • So, try to feed the chicken this types of feed.
Vitamin B12
  • The farmer has to face some problems producing baby chicken from the egg.
  • The baby chicken die inside the egg.
  • They can’t grow well.
  • Adult chicken suffers by anemia.
  • Fish meal, green vegetables contains a high ratio of vitamin B12. Try to add this in poultry feed.
  • You can feed the chicken vitamin premix mixing with feed available in market.

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