Vitamin D Deficiency Diseases in Cattle

Animal gets vitamin D through the sunbeam. The animal grazing outside or in the field gets huge sunbeam and don’t suffers by vitamin D deficiency diseases. Vitamin D deficiency diseases in cattle can also occurs due to lack of calcium and phosphorus in their body. Vitamin D is not soluble to water. It is soluble in fat. The liver of sea fish like shark, cod and halibut are enrich with vitamin D.


  • Due to lack of vitamin D the structure of bone and teeth of calf become very weak.
  • Bones become soft and get curved. This is known as rickets.
  • Infected animal feel no appetite.
  • As they can’t eat, they become very weak and lose energy.
  • Breeding capability of animal get reduced.
  • Milk production get reduced.

Make sure that the animal is getting sufficient sunbeam. Feed the animal see fish liver oil mixed grainy food. Artificial vitamin D mixed food can be feed to the animal. This will helps to prevent vitamin D deficiency diseases in cattle.

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