Vaccine Preservation

The working ability of vaccine get reduced if it is not kept in proper vaccine preservation methods. As a result we can’t get desired result. So, vaccine preservation method is very important. Some vaccine can be kept in dry place and some have to keep in freeze. Preservation method of poultry vaccines are described below.

  • Keep the vaccine in a fixed temperature.
  • Keep the vaccine only until they reach the expiration date.
  • Don’t use the date expired vaccine.
  • Use the mixed vaccine within a fixed time.
  • Don’t use the vaccine twice.
  • Keep the liquid vaccine under 8 c temperature.
  • Follow the instruction included in the body of vaccine bottle.
  • The vaccine preservation place should be dry and cold.
  • Keep it out of reach of children.
  • Keep the ampoule of vaccine under o c temperature.

Vaccine Preservation

Vaccine Name Preservation Method Validity Temperature
BCRDV Deep fridge 1 year 2°c
RDV Refrigerator 2-3 week 4°c
Fowl Pox Flask with ice 7 days 0°c
Duck Plague Within 2 hours of mixing Apply immediately 0°c
Cholera Disease Flask or fridge 1 month 4°-6°c
Gumboro Live Keep the tablet dry and cold place 6 month 2°-8°c
Gumboro Killed Refrigerator or in dry place 6 month 2°-8°c
Mareks Tablet, dry place 3 month 2°-8°c
Mikoplazma Refrigerator 6 month 2°-8°c

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