Tuberculosis In Cattle

Tuberculosis in cattle is a milk and meat borne disease. It is a very fatal disease. Milk, meat, innards and lung of infected animal get damaged seriously by this cattle disease. The germ of tuberculosis can also affects the humans.


  • Body temperature changes frequently.
  • Infected animal lose their body weight day by day.
  • It becomes very easy to control the affected animal.
  • Tuberculosis in mammary gland get swollen the mamma but the cattle don’t feel pain.
  • Tuberculosis in intestine the cattle suffers by diarrhea.
  • Sometimes the cattle may suffers by constipation.
  • If the tuberculosis affects the lung of animal then they may suffers by long term cough and dyspnoea.


  • Identify the tuberculosis cattle disease infected animal and kill them.
  • Don’t feed the calf milk of tuberculosis infected cow.
  • Follow the clean, fresh and hygienic rearing method of cattle. Thus we can prevent the tuberculosis, dangerous cattle disease.

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