Trichomoniasis in Cattle

Trichomoniasis in cattle is a fatal disease. This disease occurs due to trichomonas fetus protozoa. It is a sexual disease as a result the infected animal suffers by abortion, temporary reproduction lack and many others sexual problems. The healthy animal get infected by trichomoniasis during sexual intercourse with infected animal. If the ox get infected by this disease once, then they hold the germ for whole life.


  • Abortion happen to the infected cow within 1-4 months of impregnation.
  • Both ox and cow suffers by inflammation in their secret parts.
  • The penis of bull get swelled and become red colored.
  • The bull suffers by inflammation in their penis.
  • The vagina of trichomoniasis disease infected cow get swelled and become red colored.
  • The cow or heifer suffers by irregular menstruation cycle.
  • Trichomoniasis disease infected cow become very sick.

Treatment & Prevention Methods

  • Stop the sexual intercourse of cow for several days.
  • Breeding process should done by a germ free ox.
  • This disease can be avoided through artificial insemination of cattle.
  • In serious condition of this disease meet with veterinarian as soon as possible.

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