Transportation Method of Poultry Vaccine

Correct transportation method is very important to keep the suchness of poultry vaccine. Because the effectiveness of vaccine can be damaged due to lack of proper or correct transportation method. Transportation method of poultry vaccine are described below.

  • If the amount of vaccine become very much then carry it by refrigerating van or in flask with ice.
  • If the amount of vaccine become less then carry it in small bag with ice, or polythene bag with ice.
  • Transportation of vaccine should be finished within 12 hours.
  • If transportation takes more time than 12 hours then apply ice again.
  • Direct sun light is very harmful for vaccine. Be careful about it.
  • Use heat resisting bag for the purpose of transportation.
  • Be careful about the outside excessive temperature.
  • In general poultry vaccines are kept in thin glass bottle. Handle it very carefully.
  • While importing it from foreign country pack it with dry ice.
  • During transporting keep the bottle in soft place to prevent breaking.


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