Transportation Method Of Cattle Vaccine

Proper transportation of cattle vaccine is very important. Because vaccines losses its potency if not transport in proper way. Transportation methods of cattle vaccine are described below.
  • If the vaccine become much then transport it in frigid van or or inside icebox.
  • In case of less vaccine use small sized ice boxes or flask for transportation purpose.
  • If possible done the transportation process of cattle vaccines within 12 hours.
  • In case of transporting vaccine from long distance change the ice from the box.
  • Transport the vaccine in temperature preventive bag.
  • Keep the vaccine free from direct heat of sun.
  • Vaccines are always kept in thin glass bottle. Be very careful while shifting the bottle otherwise it will broke.
  • While importing from foreign country pack the vaccine with dry ice.
  • Use soft pad inside the packet to keep the vaccine innate.
  • For transporting to different places use big sized ice bag or cool van.

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