Tips for Fish Preservation by Drying

There are some difficulties while preserving fish by drying. To keep the fish well and keep all qualities it is very necessary to maintain some steps. The following tips for fish preservation by drying can be taken for drying the fish.
Following Hygienic Rules
For drying fish, a hygienic rule should followed always. Wash all the equipments properly before and after using. Use chlorine for washing the equipments.
Using Polythene or Net
Always dry the fish over polythene. This will keep the fish free from flies, insects etc. Cover the fish by net or reticular to keep it free from birds and other animal.
Drying Fresh Fish
Always use fresh fish for drying. Don’t dry rotted fish. Because it may become harmful for human health.
Using Salt Solution
Keep the fish in salt solution before drying. This will reduce the commencement of fly and other insects.
Using Solar Dryer
To prevent the fish from harmful insects it is necessary to use solar dryer. Solar dryer also helps to dry the fish fast.
Using Wind-proof Pot
Dry fish should not store in open place. Always use wind-proof pot for preserving fish. Polythene can be used for this purpose.
Using Antioxidant
Use antioxidant to stop the rotation of dry fish. Vitamin E, BHA (Butylated hydroxy anisol) etc. are antioxidants which can be used for fish preservation.

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