Tape Worm

Almost all types of animal can get infected by tape worm. Tape worm has many species. They live in the intestine duct of animal. This worm looks like tape and length about 15 meter. Their body is separated by many parts which are known as proglottids. There are absorber and hook in the head of tape worm. When the proglottids become adult they come out with the closet of animal. It fall in the ground and eggs come out by fracturing the proglottids. Other animal eat this eggs with food and it go directly to the stomach. Then the tape worm grow there and do evil of the animal.


  • Calf suffers much by tape worm than adult cows and buffalo.
  • Due to tape worm the animal suffers by digestive problem.
  • The animal suffers by bloat or diarrhea occasionally.
  • The animal may get infected by gid disease if the larva of tape worm enter inside the heat.
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  • The animal moves around curving their head.
  • The animal feel pain where gid infects.
  • The bone of gid infected place become very soft.

Prevention & Treatment

  • The treatment of tape worm is like round worm.
  • Feed them wormicide medicine.
  • Make proper treatment according to the suggestion of a veterinarian to prevent this parasites.

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