Tail And Fin Rot Disease

Tail and fin rot disease of fish causes due to aeromonas bacteria. Almost all types of fish get infected by this disease, especially carp fish and shing fish affects much. Symptoms of tail and fin rot disease infected fish and its treatment method are described below.


  • The membrane of tail and fins of infected fish tear up due to tail and fin rot disease.
  • Body of the affected fish become pale colored due to reducing blood in their body.
  • White spots can be seen in the edge of their tail and fins.
  • Fish feel repugnancy consuming feed.
  • Slippery cover of their body get reduced.
  • Fungus grows in the wounded place like cotton.
  • Infected fish lost its balance and move here and there by shaking.
  • In acute condition of tail and fin rot disease the fins of the fish broke.


  • Cut off the fins of infected fish and wash it with 2% silver nitrate or 2.5% general salty water.
  • Feed the fish 25mg tetracycline by mixing with per kg food for 7 days.
  • Reduce the density of fish in the pond.
  • Apply lime in the pond at the rate of 100kg per acre.
  • 20mg tetracycline can be use as injection to the fish for each kg body weight.
  • Stop serving organic fertilizer for few days to stop this fish diseases.


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