Symptoms Of A Healthy Animal

Every healthy animal has some external symptoms by which we can mark them as healthy and productive animal. The main symptoms of a healthy animal are described below.

Symptoms of a Healthy Animal

  • The animal will be aware about its surrounding circumstances.
  • Nose, mouth and eyes will be very clean and bright.
  • The hair of their body will be smooth and shiny.
  • Perspiration in the nozzle of nose.
  • They will banish fly, mosquito etc. by moving their head, ears and tail frequently.
  • Food consuming will be normal.
  • Body temperature will be normal.
  • Excreta and its color would be normal.
  • The animal ruminate after consuming food.
  • Ears of the animal will be straight.
  • Breathing and pulsation will become normal.
  • The cattle will ruminate normally.
  • Movement of the animal will be normal.
  • The cattle will stand over their four legs loosely.

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