Supplementary Feed for Shrimp

Supplementary feed is very necessary for shrimp along with natural food to get maximum production from shrimp farming. The best ingredients of supplementary feed for shrimp are tiny snail, leftovers of other fishes, body parts of dead animal, oyster flesh etc. Some formula of making supplementary feed for shrimp are listed below through chart.
Formula 1
Feed Ingredients Percentage
Wheat Chaff 15
Refined Rice Dust 25
Fish-meal 40
Flour 15
Cake (soybean/mustard) 5
Formula 2
Feed Ingredients Percentage
Mustard Cake 50
Snail Flesh 30
Fish-meal 10
Flour 10
Formula 3
Feed Ingredients Percentage
Mustard Cake 40
Innards of Animal 40
Dried Molasses 10
Flour 10
Preparing method of supplementary feed for shrimp
The steps of preparing supplementary feed for shrimp are described below.
  • At first, pestle all the ingredients of shrimp supplementary feed.
  • Then mix all the elements together in proper rate.
  • On the other hand make a mixture of flour in an another pot and heat it with fire.
  • When that mixture will become gummy then add all the ingredients with it and stir it properly.
  • When that mixture will be ready then make numerous small sized ball.
  • Then make those ball to pellet feed by using pellet producing machine.
  • In case of serving feed by mixing with water, it is not necessary to boil the flour.
  • It is better to serve the feed by mixing with water. Because the smell of fresh food attracts the shrimp much.
  • Pestle all the elements very carefully. Separate the big part of elements by sieving and pestle those again.
Applying Method of Supplementary Feed for Shrimp
The methods of applying supplementary feed to shrimp are described below.
  • Generally shrimp feed has to serve to the pond in evening, night or very early in the dawn (before rising sun).
  • Serve the shrimp feed twice a day (evening and dawn) at the rate of 5%-6% according to their body weight.
  • After stocking minnow serve feed for 100% shrimp. After that serve them feed each month at the rate of 90%, 80%, 70% surviving rate.
  • Spread the pellet throughout the pond (closer to the pond shore).
  • Make a box with bamboo (covering with net) and provide food on it. This will show how much the shrimps are consuming food.
  • After serving food test the body of shrimp, if they are growing properly or not.
  • Body growth and food serving ratio of 2 : 1 is better.

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