Supplementary Feed For Polyculture Of Fish

Providing supplementary feed for polyculture of fish ensure better production. Fishes needs to provide supplementary feed for fast growth along with natural food. Rice bran, wheat chaff, various types of crops, cake etc. can be used as supplementary fish feed. Rice bran and mustard cake can be used as fish feed in the pond by mixing same quantity of those element. Mix rice bran and mustard cake together with water and make small sized globular ball. Then scatter this in various places of the pond. Serve food to the minnow after the day of stocking. Provide them 2-3% food according to their body weight. Increase the food serving rate with the growth of fish. Two method of preparing supplementary feed are listed below.
Feed Preparing Method 1:
Feed Ingradients Using Rate (%)
Fish-meal 10.00
Rice Bran 53.00
Mustard Cake 30.50
Vitamin & Mineral Mix 0.50
Dried Molasses 6.00
Feed Preparing Method 2:
Feed Ingradients Using Rate (%)
Cake 30.00
Rice bran or Wheat Chaff 50.00
Flour 10.00
Fish-meal 10.00
For mixing the mustard cake with other feed, keep it in same amount of water for 12-15 hours. Then mix the other element with mustard cake and make this mixture like clay. Make small sized ball with this mixture. Apply this food in different places of pond in morning and evening.
Grass carp and raj pumpti eats soft grass. So, provide topapana, khudipana, banana leaf, napier grass, para grass etc. for them in morning and evening. Make a rectangular fence in the pond so that, this grasses can’t spread throughout the pond.

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