Stagnant Stream

There are many types of stagnant stream in Bangladesh like pond, dighi, haor small sized river canal etc. Short description of those streams are listed below.
In general pond means a small depth stagnant water reservoir. Pond has high shore in its surroundings. There are about 1.3 million pond in Bangladesh and almost all of those are suitable for fish farming. Total area of this types pond is about 0.147 million hector.
Coastal Shrimp Farm
The area closer to sea where river saltwater is available, many shrimp farm are located there. Shrimp are cultivated by repressing saltwater in the coastal area land. This types of farm is known as shrimp gher. The total area of coastal shrimp farm is about .014 million hector. Shrimp are being also cultivated in this land in semi-intensive method. Bhetki, hilsa, shrimp etc. are the main fish of this types of stream.

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