List of Saltwater Fish Species

The species of fish which generally live in saltwater is known as saltwater fish. This types of fish usually live in the sea, coastal area and in the rivers with saltwater. There are many saltwater fish species available. Among those species general name and scientific name of some important fish species are listed below.

  • Prawn                                         Penaeus monodon
  • Green tiger shrimp                        Penaeus semisulcatus
  • Indian white shrimp                       Penaeus Indicus
  • Horina chingri                               Metapenaeus monoceros
  • Bhetki                                          Lates calcarifer
  • Bombay duck                               Harpodon nehereus
  • Rupchanda                                   Pampus chinensis
  • Lalpoa                                          Johnius argentatus
  • Hilsa (Ilish)                                     Hilsa ilisha
  • Tuna                                             Thunnus obesus
  • Lakha                                           Polynemus Indicus
  • Dog fish                                        Scoliodon sorrakowah
  • Ribbon fish                                    Trichiurus haumela


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