Salmonellosis Disease

Salmonellosis disease is among the bacterial cattle diseases. This disease generally affects the calf. It also called paratyphoid. The calf get infected by this disease due to a bacteria named salmonella. The germ of salmonellosis disease spreads through the food and closet of infected animal. Adult animal, mouse, fly etc also carry the germ of this disease and infect the calf. The main symptoms, prevention and treatment method of salmonellosis disease are described below.
  • Body temperature get increased highly.
  • Navel speed get increased.
  • They take breath frequently.
  • Their dung become very liquid.
  • Dung may be yellow colored mixed with blood.
  • Mucus flows from their nose and mouth.
  • Froth may flows from their mouth.
  • The kink of different places of their body get swelled.
  • Salmonellosis disease infected calf may caught by pneumonia disease.
  • They may suffer by coughing.
  • They suffers by dyspnoea.
Prevention & Treatment
  • Raise the animal hygienically.
  • Kill all the mouse and fly from the farm area.
  • Use wormicide medicine regularly.
  • Apply antibiotic medicine or sulphonamide to the salmonellosis disease infected calf through injection according to the suggestion of a veterinarian.

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