Round Worm

Round worms are of different types. For example, pinworm, hookworm, necator, ancylostoma, whipworm, trichuris trichiura, ascaris lumbricoides, strongyloides stercoralis, trichinella spiralis, strongyloidiasis, trichinosis etc. Round worm has similarity to earthworm. This types of round worm lives in the stomach, intestine duct and breathing system of cow, buffalo, goat, sheep etc. and lays eggs there. When the animal defecate, then the eggs fall in the ground. In favorable environment this eggs produce larva and awn. This types of larva lives in ground, leaves, grass etc. When other animal eat those, the larva go directly to the stomach and intestine duct of that animal. They live in the stomach and intestine duct and become an adult parasites. And they become very harmful for the animal. The symptoms, treatment and prevention method of round worm infected animal are described beneath.
  • Round worm infected animal loss their appetite.
  • Body weight get reduced slowly.
  • Hair of their body seems rough.
  • They defecate liquid closet.
  • They suck the blood of animal. So, the animal suffers by anemia.
  • Round worms consume all the nutrients so, the animal suffers by malnutrition.
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  • Big sized round worms gather in the intestine duct of animal. And they stop the path of intestine duct. As a result the infected animal die.
Treatment & prevention methods
  • Clean the house of animal regularly.
  • Keep the garbage of house in a hole.
  • Don’t let your animal grazing in muddy and dampy field.
  • Always keep the animal house dry.
  • Feed the calf wormicide regularly since they reach 3 months of age.
  • Apply fasinex, mebendavet, nemafox, rulnex etc. for preventing round worm. Use this types of medicine according to the suggestion of a veterinarian.

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