Rinderpest is a very fatal contagious viral disease. Among the domestic animals cow, buffalo, goat and sheep can be infected by this disease. This disease affect so deadly that it becomes so tough to save the life of infected animal. Rinderpest disease spreads through the contiguity, feed, water, air and breath of infected animal to healthy one.


  • The body temperature of rinderpest disease infected cow increases up to 104-105 Fahrenheit.
  • Infected cow become languorous.
  • They stops eating food and ruminating.
  • Their thirsty increases very much.
  • Milk production decreases rapidly of milch cow.
  • Watery saliva flows from the nose and eyes of infected animal.
  • The color of mouth inside turned to red within 2-4 days of fever.
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  • Small blotch can be seen inside the lips and neck, gum of teeth and under the tongue.
  • The infected cow spreads very bad smell.
  • Sore can be seen in their mouth and esophagus.
  • Constipation can be seen in the first step of the disease and suffers by bowels evacuation within 3-4 days.
  • Blood flows with bowels evacuation.
  • Vesicle can be seen in the whole body of the cow.
  • Red mark can be seen in their lips.
  • In most cases the infected cow die within 7-10 days.

Prevention Method

  • The cattle should vaccinate timely from animal medical center every year.
  • Keep the healthy cow separate from rinderpest infected cow.
  • The equipment used by infected cow should refinement properly with germicide medicine or fire.
  • Keep the discharge and excreta of infected animal under soil.
  • The dead body of rinderpest infected cow should burned well or keep under soil.


It has no proper treatment if the animal get infected by rinderpest disease. So, apply preventive vaccine before getting infected. Always provide fresh water and soft food to the infected animal. Always keep the infected cattle neat and clean. If possible cover their whole body with something.

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