Rearing Minnow

Special care is needed for rearing minnow. Newly born tiny sized fishes are called minnow. Minnow are of three types. Spawn, fry and fingerling minnow. Rearing methods of different types of minnow are described below.

Rearing Spawn Minnow
The next steps of coming out of minnow from the eggs is called spawn minnow. They have not served any food for three days. Because they take nutrition in this period from their yolk-sac. After 3 days the spawn minnow have to move to hatching incubator or tank and serve food. Boiled yolk powder of chicken egg can be used as food for them. Use one yolk for feeding 0.3 million minnow. Feed this to the minnow for 5 days. Then sell or transfer them for fry minnow. The demand of oxygen in spawn minnow is very high.

Rearing Fry Minnow
The minnow lengths about 10-15mm is called fry minnow. In this condition the minnow get proper look of fish. The main food for fry minnow is zooplankton. It takes about 20-24 days for transforming from spawn to fry minnow. Same or different species of fry minnow can be kept in the same pond. But keep in mind the following aspects for farming mixed species of fry minnow in same pond.

  • Different species of minnow will not quarrel with each other for food and habitat.
  • For this reason don’t keep minnow of katla and bighead carp or grass carp and thai pumpti together.
  • Keep fish species which are easily identified. Same locking minnow like bighead carp and silver carp creates problem while identification and selling.

After preparing the pond properly keep 2.5cm sized minnow at the rate of 4000 minnow per shotok. But depending on the condition and management the density of minnow may increased or decreased per shotok. Transport the fry minnow from one place to another place by pipkin, drum or oxygen bag. Release the minnow in the pond by matching them with the environment and temperature of the pond. Serve supplementary feed regularly to the rearing pond. It would be better to make food for fry minnow by mixing refined rice dust and mustard cake together. If the minnow of grass carp are reared in pond then it will be better to serve pint-sized moss regularly. Remove harmful gas from the pond by pulling horra. Fry minnow become suitable for sale when they reach 7-10 cm lengths. It takes about 40-45 days to reach this lengths. Keep the minnow in hapa for 2-3 hours after collecting them from the pond. This will make them strong and reduce mortality rate.

Rearing Fingerling Minnow
The minnow sized about a finger, called fingerling minnow. Fingerling minnow keeping pond is known as rearing pond. Fingerling minnow are kept in special care and management to prepare them for rearing finally in stock pond.


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