Rabies Disease

Rabies disease is one of the contagious viral cattle diseases. All mammal even humans can also get infected by this disease. Generally cats, dogs and other wild animals carry the germ of this disease. If rabies infected dog or cat bit any animal then they get infected by this disease. If the saliva of infected animal enter to the body of healthy animal through feed or wounded place then the healthy one also get infected by this disease.


  • Craziness can be seen to the infected animal.
  • Sometimes they attack other animal.
  • Saliva flows from their mouth continuously.
  • Infected animal may be paralyzed slowly.
  • The animal become feeble.
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  • They become very thirsty but can’t drink water.
  • They don’t want to eat any food.
  • Lower jaw get hanged.
  • Tongue exists from their mouth.
  • Infected animal can’t stand and they sleep in the ground.
  • Symptoms can be seen within 7-10 days of infection.
  • They urinate frequently.
  • Their backside become torpid first.
  • Temporary excessive sexual excitement can be seen in male animal.
  • Their tail become motionless.

Prevention Method

  • Vaccinate all your pet dog and cats.
  • Kill all dogs those carry the germ of rabies disease.


Rabies disease has no treatment. Because the germ of this disease attack very fast to the nerve of brain. Initially wash the wounded place with soap or citric acid. Make proper treatment according to the suggestion of a veterinarian.

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