Qualities Of Soil

Soil is the storage of water of any reservoir. The qualities of water is mostly depends on the qualities of soil. Different types of element available on the soil control the physical and chemical qualities of water. This means that the production capability of a water reservoir is primarily depends on the types of soil of that water reservoir. For fish farming in profitable scientific method it needs healthy aquatic environment, abundance of natural food in the water and primary production capacity of water is mainly depends on the fertility of soil. Different types of fishes are cultivated in various places. But the fertility energy of soil of all pond or water reservoir are not same type. So, many variations can be seen in fish production in different places. The qualities of soil of an ideal pond for fish farming means the availability of all elements in the soil which are favorable for highest production. This qualities of soil has a certain tolerable and favorable rate. In this specific rate fish grows very fast in its environment. This qualities of soil and their rate are listed below.
Physical and Chemical Qualities of an Ideal Fish Farming Pond
Physical and Chemical Qualities of Soil Favorable Condition for Surviving and Growing
Structure of Soil Alluvium Loamy-Silt Loamy
Acidity/Ph 6.5-7.5
Organic Carbon 1.5-2.5
Organic Substances 2.5-4.5
Nitrogen 50-75mg/100g
Phosphorus 10-12mg/100g
Potassium 3-4mg/100g
Calcium 40-50mg/100g

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